Oppo A72 Latest Review & Price in Pakistan 2020

Oppo A72 Latest Review & Price in Pakistan 2020
Oppo A72 Latest Review & Price in Pakistan 2020

Oppo A72 Latest Review & Price in Pakistan 2020

  1. Oppo A72 Price in Pakistan: 45,000
  2. Oppo A72 Price in usd: $269
  3. Pta tax on Oppo A72: 72,00

A few months after the A9 , here is the A72. A kind of update of the excellent mobile released by Oppo at the end of 2019. Among the new features, a better defined screen, a USB-C port and the arrival of fast charging. Small, welcome and relevant novelties, provided they are well used.

Ergonomics and design

The design of this A72 is perfectly anchored in the year 2020. We thus find a 6.5-inch screen with a 20: 9 ratio occupying approximately 84% of the frontage, the fault of the somewhat thick borders. The front photo module is located in a punch located in the upper left corner. With its fanciful gradient, the back of the mobile, made of plastic, is a bit knocked out to the touch. That said, the photo island turns out to be pretty well integrated, as you can see in the photo below.

In hand, the A72 offers excellent ergonomics. On the right side, the fingerprint sensor is responsive and precise. Also serving as a release button, it falls naturally under your finger, whether you are left or right handed. On the other side, the volume buttons are also easily accessible. What make the use pleasant.

Capable of accommodating two nano SIMs, the mobile also has an independent microSD port. What to give a little air to the 128 GB of internal memory. Note that 19.8 GB are immediately used by the operating system. Finally, the A72 does not have waterproof certification. It will therefore be necessary to keep it away from liquids.


On its lower edge, the Oppo A72 offers a perfectly suitable 3.5mm mini-jack connector. Its crosstalk is perfectly controlled, as is its distortion. It has a rather wide dynamic range, but suffers from a too limited power.

Located on the upper and lower edges, the speakers of the A72 offer a sound after all average, crushed and ultimately not very powerful. Their quality struggles to convince.


The A72 offers a 6.5-inch 20: 9 ratio IPS screen displaying 1080 x 2400 px for a resolution of 405 dpi. Overall, this display is correct. And to get the most out of it, you will need to select the “hot” screen profile in the settings. This done, the screen continues to offer an average colorimetry. We thus find an average delta E at 3.8, testifying to chromatic drifts in many shades (see diagram below). For its part, the color temperature is 6,905 K, not so far from the 6,500 K of the video standard. 


Like the A9 and A5, this A72 has a Snapdragon 665 chip with 4 or 8 GB of RAM, depending on the version. This is the first variation that we tested here. It is relatively relevant, positioning itself between the more powerful Xiaomi Redmi Note 9S , and the Samsung Galaxy A51 , slightly behind.
Less well optimized, it is even placed a notch below its brother, the A9 

Camera Review

On its back, the A72 presents an island made up of 4 photo modules. The first, wide-angle, has a 48 Mpx sensor, while the second, ultra wide-angle, offers an 8 Mpx. The two deniers are only used to support the portrait mode. We thus find a 2 Mpx module, dedicated to depth, and a second, also of 2 Mpx, black and white, probably used for contrast and certain effects.

Main module: 48 Mpx, f / 1.7, eq. 26 mm

The main module of the A72 has a 48 Mpx sensor. Like many mid-range mobiles, this module is capable of capturing 12 Mpx shots thanks to the pixel bining technique. . By merging four pixels, the device can capture more light for better results at night.

In 12 Mpx by default, the results are rather interesting by day. The whole is largely usable, despite a slightly exaggerated contrast and strong colors.

Front module, video and portrait mode

On the front, it’s a 16MP sensor module that acts as a selfie machine. It offers relevant performance. Despite still too much smoothing, the images are correctly exposed and usable. The portrait mode allows a rather precise straightening, although approximate on curly hair. Finally, the mobile is capable of filming in 4K 30 fps without any problem


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