Oppo A53 review: Lowest Price of Oppo Upcoming Smartphone in Pakistan

Oppo Latest Smartphone A53 Price
Oppo Latest Smartphone A53 Price

Oppo A53 review: Lowest Price of Oppo Upcoming Smartphone in Pakistan

The Oppo A53 is a smartphone that theoretically has a lot to offer. For a relatively low price, we get a 90 Hz screen, three cameras, a large battery, stereo speakers, a set of connectors, ports and modules. However, is that enough to recommend the A53? What do you need to know before purchasing this phone? In my review, you can find out about all the pros and cons of this device.

Design and management

 There is no denying that the Oppo A53 looks interesting. This is due to the beautiful gradient on the back of the case, which changes from silver to darker shades of blue. Moreover, the color change is visible not only on the rear panel, but also on the sides of the case. Speaking about individual elements, I would like to note a slightly protruding camera module in the upper left corner of the rear panel.

 Slightly below is the fingerprint scanner, it is matte (unlike the case, which is glossy). On the right edge you will find several symbols, trademarks and the manufacturer’s logo. The power button is installed on the right side. On the opposite side are the volume keys and the SIM tray. Important: we have room for two NanoSIM cards and one microSD card.

 We don’t have to choose which ones to use, everyone can work at the same time. At the top, the edge is empty, but at the bottom we have a speaker, microphone, USB-C connector and 3.5 mm headphone jack. The device is well constructed, despite being mostly plastic. Yes, the case collects fingerprints, although scratches don’t appear as easily as they used to. The front is double protected; there is Corning Gorilla Glass 3+ and a factory-applied film.

Screen and sound

 The front display is 6.5 inches with a resolution of 1600 × 720 pixels. It is made using IPS technology and has medium color saturation, moderate brightness adjustment ranges and good viewing angles. However, what makes the panel stand out is that it has a refresh rate of 90Hz. This is incredible since most devices in this price range cannot boast a higher refresh rate than the standard 60Hz.

 In fact, I see no point in such an addition, in the case of the A53, since the components cannot cope with this technology. As a result, instead of improving animation and speeding up the work, we get cropping and slowing down. I would even say that when you turn on the 90 Hz mode, using the device becomes less pleasant.

 In the upper right corner of the display, the manufacturer has placed the webcam in a circular hole. It’s small and not too small – just a webcam to get used to. We also have neither wide nor narrow bezels around the display, but they are acceptable, but they are far from bezel-less. There are several sensors and a speaker for calls above the screen.

Oppo A53 cameras

 The smartphone has a triple camera, however, in practice we use the capabilities of only one lens. It is a 13-megapixel sensor with f / 2.2 aperture. The rest of the lenses are designed for macro photography and depth detection. They have a resolution of only 2MP with an f / 2.4 aperture.

The Oppo A53 does not have a wide-angle mode, nor does it have digital or at least hybrid zoom. There is only digital zoom. In the app, you can choose between 2x and 5x magnification, which is activated by clicking on the circles at the bottom of the app.

However, in practice we can achieve 6x magnification. Unfortunately, the quality of the photos with this zoom is not good enough. How about a photo? Unfortunately, everything is trite – the colors in the photos are not very saturated and often seem cold.

 In addition, the detail is poor, the sharpness is average, when the clarity of the smaller elements is rather weak. Alas, this camera is only suitable for shooting occasionally and then in the hands of less demanding users.

I expected slightly better results. At the front, there is a 16MP f / 2.0 aperture camera that captures relatively beautiful selfies with plenty of detail and natural colors. The results seem dramatic, and as long as we don’t zoom in on the individual elements, we won’t be disappointed. The camera app is very extensive. In addition to the standard video and effects, a professional mode is available in which you can adjust many parameters for your photos. If you fiddle with the settings a bit, you might get slightly better shots than the auto mode.

System and software The Oppo A53 smartphone runs Android 10 with minor changes from the manufacturer. In relation to a clean system, the changes are mostly visual. Icons, the appearance of desktops or system applications are different. In general, everything looks uniform and pleasing to the eye.

 The Oppo A53 is powered by a Qualcomm Snapdragon 460 processor with an Adreno 610 graphics chip and 4GB of RAM. The test unit had 64 GB of memory for files, there is also a 128 GB version. We can expand the available storage with microSD cards up to 256 GB. And how do these components work in everyday use? Quite average unfortunately. The smartphone is not a monster, the slowdowns are noticeable to the naked eye. As I said, especially when you turn on the 90 Hz mode, although at the standard 60 Hz everything does not look the best.

Oppo A53 is not suitable for games. During the game, you may see the animation slowdown, which interferes with the comfortable process. Unfortunately, this is a smartphone that is designed for basic tasks, especially if we do not mind a longer wait for the launch of some applications.


 On paper, the Oppo A53 looks great. However, in practice, it does not stand out from other devices in the same price category. We get the right connection speed, good battery and basic camera. In fact, we have a screen with a frequency of 90 Hz, but we will not feel it at all.

 On the contrary, the smartphone then runs even slower, which force the higher display, refresh to be disabled. On the positive side, the functionality of the system, the efficiency of the fingerprint scanner, a decent front camera, stereo speakers and a solid set of connectivity modules, with NFC, USB-C and 3.5 mm jack, deserve attention.

Should you buy?

I think Oppo is asking too much for the A53. After more than three weeks of testing, the smartphone did not convince me. This is a device for very simple applications and people who don’t require much from the phone. At the same price, the older Oppo A72 looks like the best offer, choosing among others, I can highlight – for example, Samsung Galaxy A31 or Xiaomi Redmi Note 9.


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