OnePlus Nord N10 5G Complete review: Nord 10 Latest Price in Pakistan 2021

OnePlus Nord N10 5G Complete review
OnePlus Nord N10 5G Complete review

OnePlus Nord N10 5G Complete review: Nord 10 Latest Price in Pakistan 2021

OnePlus Nord 10 5G lowest price in Pakistan is Rs: 54,999

The OnePlus Nord N10 5G is OnePlus’ most affordable 5G smartphone right now, and is a continuation of the mid-range Nord line with more modest components to lower the manufacturer’s asking price.

OnePlus Nord was the return of the Chinese company to the middle segment of smartphones; it brought the manufacturer more profit than many flagships. Since the first OnePlus Nord became one of the most popular mid-range models in 2020, rumors of new budget devices in the Nord line could not but rejoice. It was interesting to see how OnePlus would promote them, but it turned out to be almost nothing.

Apparently, the fate of the Nord N10 5G worries the manufacturer much less than the development of the first Nord. Is OnePlus just counting on strong sales due to the good reputation of the first model? Let’s figure it out …

Design and appearance

It is believed that the OnePlus Nord N10 5G is a hastily assembled device from parts of other BBK smartphones. In addition to OnePlus, this holding includes Oppo, Realme and Vivo. Be that as it may, the new model is a strange mixture of dissimilar elements.

The main difference between the Nord N10 5G and recent OnePlus is the fingerprint scanner on the back. This has not happened since the OnePlus 6 in 2018, the decision is primarily due to the fact that there is an LCD display, matrix technology does not allow you to put an optical scanner under the screen, as on OnePlus 8, 8T or the first Nord. On the other hand, the camera module is made in a modern domino style, which became popular after the release of the Samsung Galaxy S20 line.

 The Nord N10 5G became the first smartphone from the company after the OnePlus 8T with this design solution. Apparently, future OnePlus models will also use a similar approach. But, at the start of sales, the N10 5G costs less than the original Nord, and it shows in everything. The back cover is made of plastic, not glass. There is no sound mode switch when the protection against water and dust is not so reliable. At least we have a headphone jack.

 Although the battery is more voluminous, it made the device heavier. The bezels around the screen are large – especially the lower one, when the Nord N10 5G is almost 9 mm thick and weighs 190 grams. The device feels larger and heavier than you might expect from it. While the plastic back curls nicely at the sides, there is no protective case included, and many prints remain on the case.

Smartphone display

OnePlus doesn’t make smartphones with small screens, so the Nord N10 5G is no exception. Moreover, the new device in the line is even slightly larger than the original Nord. Instead of an OLED panel, the OnePlus Nord N10 5G uses a 6.49-inch LCD. Drops in contrast and faded colors are immediately noticeable. But we have a refresh rate of 90 Hz, as well as high details thanks to the Full HD + resolution.

The aspect ratio is 20: 9, which is why the body is elongated vertically. However, the refresh rate of the display is not adaptive, and you will need to manually switch to 60 Hz if necessary. OnePlus gives us a lot of options to customize the screen settings ourselves. There are sliders for color temperature both in “Dark mode” and in normal mode. There is also a monochrome reading mode, as well as an Ambient Display option.

The latter replaces the always-on mode, which is not here – another limitation of the LCD display compared to OLED. The Nord N10 5G display lacks one-handed use, which has long been a drawback in OnePlus smartphones. It is strange that the company does nothing about this, given the large dimensions of the devices it produces. In the N10 5G, this is very annoying, it’s hard to reach the notification shade with one hand. Every time it seems that the slippery phone is about to fall out of hand.

Camera Nord N10 5G

One interesting feature of the OnePlus Nord N10 5G is its 64MP main camera. Prior to that, all models of the company had no more than 48-MP. It also uses pixel binning – four pixels are combined into one to eliminate noise, jitter and other imperfections. Although the photo is saved in 16MP resolution, you can shoot in full resolution if you enable this option in the settings. Despite the specs, the camera quality in the Nord N10 5G is not the best.

The colors are natural, but the fine details and bokeh in the photo do not look good. However, images are acceptable for social media. When switching from the main sensor to the ultra-wide-angle (8-MP) sensor, the color temperature changes, the shades become closer to purple.

The zoom is digital only, but thanks to the high resolution of the main lens, the detail remains high. As with the OnePlus 8T, the depth sensor and macro shots seem pointless here.

The former is used for portrait mode, although it doesn’t get too much use. The separation of the subject from the background is not the best way, the bokeh effect is mediocre. Low resolution macro lenses result in reduced photo quality.

 Dynamic range and color saturation are awful, close-ups are best taken with the main sensor. When shooting with the front camera at 16MP, the definition of the boundaries of the subject is far from ideal. At least the “beauty” mode gives good results and is easy to use.

Videos can be recorded up to 4K resolution. You can choose from 16: 9 and Cinematic profiles with a 21: 9 ratio. Electronic stabilization is also available, which does its job well. However, there are problems with color saturation and the resulting image looks pale.


One of the main advantages of OnePlus smartphones is the Oxygen OS software overlay installed on top of Android. The software is well thought out and optimized, and should appeal to both experienced users and beginners. The OnePlus 8T ran the latest version of Oxygen OS 11 over Android 11. However, the OnePlus Nord N10 5G, which came out after the 8T, somehow uses a combination of Android 10 and Oxygen OS 10.5.

This is especially disappointing considering that the new version of the system from OnePlus has improved the usability of the smartphone with one hand. It is strange that the manufacturer did not install this version of the shell on his newest device. However, the N10 5G’s interface is still very enjoyable to use and has many convenient features.

 Among them: an abundance of settings, convenient built-in applications and additional features like App Locker and Hidden Space to control your data. Game lovers will appreciate the Game Space feature and the Fnatic mode. They allow you to optimize resources and block notifications while playing.

OnePlus promises that in the near future the Nord N10 5G will be updated to Android 11 and Oxygen OS 11. However, the smartphone will only have one major software update when other phones from the company have at least two. Longer support has always been one of the advantages of OnePlus devices over competitors, although for some reason the N10 5G does not.

Sound quality

For everything that is missing from the design of the N10 5G compared to the original Nord, it tries to compensate somewhat with add-ons, namely a 3.5mm headphone jack and stereo speakers. The sound quality of both add-ons is excellent, especially at this price point – stereo speakers; offering a fairly balanced and clear sound compared to some other competing smartphones that support stereo sound.


The OnePlus Nord N10 5G seems like the strangest OnePlus smartphone in recent memory. No, not because it belongs rather to the mid – budget segment, which is not typical for the manufacturer. It’s just that much of it looks ill-conceived and uncharacteristic for this brand. The hardware is weak and the design is outdated.

 At least the interface has remained as fast and convenient as before, although not the latest version of Oxygen OS is used here, and support for this model will be short-lived.

Should you buy?

 The first OnePlus Nord was one of the most successful mid-range smartphones in terms of value for money, but the Nord N10 5G doesn’t leave that impression. Despite the low price, too much is cut in this model. A good alternative is the Realme X50 5G, which is similar in many ways to the Nord and N10 5G, but costs less. You can also look at the Pixel 4a 5G, although you have to pay a little more for it, the quality of the smartphone and the cameras are very high here.


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