OnePlus 8T Review: 8T Oneplus latest price in Pakistan 2020

OnePlus 8T Review
OnePlus 8T Review

OnePlus 8T Review: 8T Oneplus latest price in Pakistan 2020

A powerful and more functional smartphone

  • OnePlus 8T price in Pakistan is 104,000

The OnePlus 8T is a great mid-range smartphone that is close to the flagship in specs. OnePlus has taken all the fantastic features of its best smartphones and made improvements in key areas to create its best device.

8T has an AMOLED display with a refresh rate of 120 Hz, the most powerful Snapdragon 865 processor and a set of four high-quality cameras. And the key feature is Warp Charge 65W super-fast charging. What else does the new OnePlus smartphone offer? Find out from my review.

Design and appearance

In terms of build, the OnePlus 8T is a typical glass and metal sandwich. It’s almost identical to the OnePlus 8, although the display is flat. There are two colors to choose from: Aquamarine Green and Lunar Silver. In the upper left corner of the screen is a small hole for the front camera. An earpiece speaker is squeezed into a tiny grille at the top, which, together with the main speaker, creates stereo sound.

The bottom bezel has become even smaller for an immersive viewing experience. An optical fingerprint scanner is located under the screen. It is fast and recognizes the user with high accuracy. However, sometimes the screen will need to be wiped clean before unlocking. The display is covered with Gorilla Glass 5. It is flat, but there is a so-called 2.5D transition at the edges. The back surface is also covered with Gorilla Glass 5, although the rounding is more noticeable here. The set with cameras sticks out a little, but the smartphone lies flat on the table.

The back cover is matte, so there are not many prints and spots. On the left side of the OnePlus 8T are the volume keys with clear feedback, although they are small and thin. On the right you can find the power button and the sound mode switch. Above is a microphone, below is a slot for two SIM cards, another microphone, a USB-C port and a speaker. The OnePlus 8T has no official protection against water, however, rubber seals protect against splashes and drops. Of course, you can’t take a selfie underwater, but the phone won’t break in the rain.

The 8T also fits comfortably in the hands – it doesn’t feel too large and heavy when the back cover is almost non-slip. Even without a protective case, you can use the device without fear.

Smartphone display

 The OnePlus 8T has the same display as the OnePlus 8. It’s a 6.55-inch AMOLED screen with 2400 x 1080 pixels, with one major difference being the 120Hz refresh rate. The new “liquid” display, as OnePlus calls it, supports HDR10 +, HDR10 and HGL. There is also support for Widevine L1 DRM, which will allow you to enjoy content on Netflix in maximum quality, with HDR. In the 8T, OnePlus takes an interesting approach to switching refresh rates.

 It returns to 60Hz when you stop touching the screen. However, when the brightness is less than 50% or with the Dark Mode enabled, the value is always 120 Hz. But, it’s frustrating that we don’t have high frequency in all games. OnePlus has only made an agreement with Fortnite and PUBG Mobile, where the 90Hz option is still available. The maximum brightness when set manually is about 500 nits, in automatic mode it reaches 800 nits.

 The lowest possible figure is about 2.6 nits. One strange problem is worth noting – the transition from the lowest to the highest brightness when moving the slider takes about three seconds. This is a little annoying when manually configured. The OnePlus 8T smartphone is capable of reproducing colors with high fidelity. The default Vivid color profile has an average deltaE of 3.0 and a maximum deltaE of 6.2. The natural profile gives more accurate shades: the average deltaE is 2.3, and the maximum is 3.9 in sRGB space.

OnePlus 8T cameras

 The 8T comes standard with four cameras. 48MP main sensor, 16MP ultra-wide-angle camera (123-degree viewing angle), 5MP macro lens and 2MP depth sensor. The front camera shoots in 16MP resolution. OxygenOS 11 has a noticeable update to its photography app. If you press and hold the icon of the last photo taken, the Share menu opens with a choice of different options.

The “Portrait” and “Night landscape” modes appeared for shooting video. Resolution settings are now located directly on the screen, rather than hidden deep in the menu. By default, the main camera shoots at 12MP, although there is also a 48MP mode. 12MP shots have excellent contrast, wide dynamic range and rich colors. The detail could be higher, especially for complex objects like foliage, and there is not enough sharpness.

It seems that these issues are related to OnePlus’ processing algorithms. Although the colors are saturated, sometimes the effects are too strong. They can be too bright and warm, which looks unnatural, and there are problems with white balance. At the same time, the device has 2x digital zoom without loss of quality.

The shots from the 16MP ultra-wide-angle camera seem a little softer than from the main one, they also have more noise. In addition, colors are more natural, with contrast and dynamic range okay. There is automatic distortion correction that does a great job and can be turned off. A 2MP depth sensor enhances the quality of portraits. It separates the foreground subject well from the background and retains high detail. There are portraits with 2x zoom, but they have noticeably more noise when colors are not reproduced in the best way.

A 5 MP macro camera with a fixed focus at a distance of 3 cm. However, it is not always easy to find the desired distance, so many shots will go to the basket. However, the detail and saturation are excellent here, although the colors are often dull. It may be better to use the primary lens for close-up photography. When shooting with the front camera, the separation of the subject from the background is not the best, but better than most other smartphones in the middle segment.

 In terms of colors, contrast, detail and dynamic range, everything is pretty standard. Night mode is good. Photos are stored for quite a long time, and some of the details are lost, while the phone copes with exposure and contrast. The colors remain vivid and the resulting images look nice. The OnePlus 8T is capable of capturing 4K and 1080p video from the main and ultra wide-angle cameras.

The main lens even supports 60 fps and 30 fps, while the wide-angle lens only supports 30 fps. The sound is recorded in stereo, but the bit rate is only 96 kbps. When shooting at 4K / 60 fps, quality is sacrificed for high frame rates, so the resolution is more like 1080p. But we have electronic stabilization for any resolution or camera.


The OnePlus 8T is the company’s debut smartphone running on the OxygenOS 11 shell, based on Android 11. The 8T is thus one of the first devices to immediately run the latest OS from Google. OxygenOS 11 is arguably the biggest change ever.

 It differs not only in the interface, but also in the fact that no one else can even jokingly call it “pure Android”. UI elements have now moved to the bottom of the screen. You don’t have to hold the device with both hands to reach the icons in the upper half of the large display. But, this only applies to system applications and menus, so the changes will not be noticeable.

Another important new feature in OxygenOS 11 is the always-on display. A screen with a minimal set of information can be shown continuously or for a certain time.

Battery autonomy

 In the 8T, OnePlus has installed a 4500 mAh battery, which is 5% more than the OnePlus 8. However, charging has changed a lot and the 8T became the first device from the company to support a 65W device. Included with the smartphone we get the new Warp Charge 65.

The manufacturer promises that a full charge will take only 40 minutes. And this is really so – in half an hour, my phone restored 90% of its energy. These are amazing numbers. The good news is that neither the smartphone nor the charger practically heats up during the energy transfer process.


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