One of the best game phones under 40,000 in Pakistan

Are you low in budget and looking for a good gaming phone. See our selection of best gaming phone under 0,000 in Pakistan

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One of the best game phones under 40,000 in Pakistan

Fulfill our mobile gaming addiction with this budgeted smartphone

As we all know, gaming trends are shifting form computers to mobiles. Since the mobiles are more accessible, smartphone manufacturing companies are focusing on building more advance models. Because the race of best mobile phone in the market has taken anew shape. People are focusing on minute details even. Who used o consider graphics and chipset? But now, with the innovation of latest high-tech mobile games, RA, GPU, and chipset has become the most demanding feature to play heavy mobile games like Player Battle Underground.

So, in this article we have brought to you the best mobile to play latest heavy games remaining in budget. If you have 40 k n your pocket and you are looking for a decent gaming mobile in Pakistan with top level specs; this article is just for you.

Best gaming phone under 40,000

Huawei P30 lite

Huawei P30 lite price in Pakistan: Huawei P30 lite price is 39,000pkr

Why Huawei p30 lite is best for gaming?

Here are the top reasons to buy Huawei p30 lite that makes it distinctive

  • 4GB RAM and 128GB ROM
  • 15 FHD dewdrop display
  • Battery Capacity: 3,340 mAh
  • Kirin 710 octa core processor
  • Mali-G51 mobile gpu

How does Mali G51 gpu is best for your gaming?

Modern game requires powerful mobile support and hard execution. Only a latest model with perfect hardware can deliver best performance. Mali G51 is perfectly made for gaming overs. It is built n Bifrost technology that doesn’t make the device hot. Whether you are playing for endless hours, you will fin the mobile in normal position.


Kirin 71 octa core processor specs

  • GPU: Mali G51
  • Process: 12nm
  • Dual SIM Dual VoLTE
  • CPU: 4×A73 2.2GHz+4×A53 1.7GHz
  • Super computing power

Huawei p30 lite 3,340 mAh battery capacity best for maximum gaming hours

Another top factor to play hard games n mobiles is to have a powerful battery. Hui pa30 lite comes with a decent battery. This phone has not only fast charging option but also long last. No matter what kind of games you are playing, it satisfies your mobile experience.

Huawei p30 lite in a nutshell

Other than its high-end gaming specification, Huawei p30 lite is one o the best affordable phone in Pakistan. It has quite high specification overall. Whether it is design, its exterior, or camera quality, you will find everything in optimum condition.


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