Nokia 8.3 5G review: 8.35g Nokia Price in Pakistan 2020

Nokia 8.3 5G review
Nokia 8.3 5G review

Nokia 8.3 5G review:  8.35G Nokia Price in Pakistan 2020

Nokia 8.3 5G price in Pakistan is 95,000
Nokia was once the leader in smartphone cameras, but Huawei, Apple and Samsung has come a long way in recent years. Nevertheless, with the release of Nokia 8.3, HMD Global is striving to gradually regain the former positions of Nokia.

In many ways, this became possible thanks to the long-term partner of the brand – Zeiss, and, in fact, the new smartphone model deserves the PureView prefix, which has always been in Nokia’s camera phones. The important thing is that the device costs less than most flagships and still offers decent components, guaranteeing several years of software updates. I tested the new Nokia 8.3 and I want to say that it can be considered as another of the best value for money smartphones in 2020.

Design and appearance

 The latest Nokia smartphones follow roughly the same trend: a camera module in the middle of the back, a large bezel under the screen, and a color scheme inspired by the brand’s northern roots. Nokia 8.3 is not trying to attract attention with a flashy design. There are no fold-out displays or ultra-slim design here. The 8.3 from Nokia is quite an ordinary modern smartphone.

It weighs 220 grams, is 8.9 mm thick and 78.5 mm high. The device feels large and heavy in the hand, especially compared to the OnePlus 8 and iPhone 11. In terms of ergonomics, the fingerprint scanner on the side is perfectly implemented – you don’t have to twirl the device in search of the sensor. The only color “Polar Night” consists of deep dark blue and even almost black shades, but when light hits, the body begins to sparkle with azure stripes. Everything looks classically stylish – not too bright, but tasteful.

Among the minuses is the Nokia logo on the bottom frame. I am a little annoyed with a separate button for calling the Google Assistant, which you often accidentally click on. The flat screen and glossy back cover makes the device glide on any surface as if it were on ice. Nevertheless, the smartphone is very attractive and quality materials are used in the assembly. Unfortunately, there is no protection from water or falls, so you have to use the device carefully. It’s a shame, because the LG Velvet from the same price segment has both IP68 and military grade protection.

Display and multimedia

The Nokia 8.3 uses a 6.81-inch IPS LCD screen with a 20: 9 aspect ratio. It also uses PureDisplay technology, which provides always-on HDR, adaptive brightness and enhanced color saturation. However, adaptive brightness does not work well, especially in strong sunlight.

But for video, the display fits perfectly, the panel has high contrast and saturation in PureDisplay mode. When disabled, the color temperature is more natural and resembles the iPhone 11 Pro. The single speaker is not bad, albeit quiet. There is a 3.5mm jack on the case if you prefer wired headphones.


Nokia 8.3 Without any reservations, we can immediately say: the cameras of the Nokia 8.3 are excellent. I didn’t even find any serious flaws – this system could easily take place on a smartphone with a much higher price. Thanks to the shooting capabilities, it was possible to add a PureView prefix to the title, which would not raise questions. The photos I took were of the highest quality in all conditions, unlike the Nokia 9 PureView released last year.

We get a 64MP main lens, a 12MP ultra wide angle lens and two 2MP sensors for depth sensing or macro photography. According to the characteristics, it seems that nothing special, however, the results are amazing. The photographs are saturated with vibrant colors and are filled with the smallest details, while having an emotional effect. This means that no object in the frame becomes too artificial or enhanced.

At the same time, the visual appeal necessary to quickly attract attention is not lost.
Using the Nokia 8.3 camera is also very simple. Choose from wide angle, standard view, and night mode. Selfies are also great, especially with Zeiss filters. They give a really cool look when the bokeh mode is good at defining edges, albeit programmatically.

 Are they ideal cameras? No, but their disadvantages are not very serious: there is no zoom, and the macro mode is useless. It’s also annoying that the app stays in Portrait Mode when you return to it after exiting. It would be much more convenient if it restored the standard mode for photography.

Night mode is very effective if it’s not too dark outside. The final results show a lot more texture and detail than normal shooting, which is reminiscent of the best Huawei models like the P20 Pro. Portrait photo from Zeiss with very strong bokeh, although it can be adjusted after shooting. There is also a set of manual settings for Pro video, where you can add lens flares in anamorphic style.


 Another big plus of the Nokia 8.3 is the use of Google’s Android One operating system. Basically, it’s a stock version, just like on Pixel smartphones. The interface is clean and straightforward, the design is consistent throughout, and the apps and everyday tasks run smoothly. But, there are several problems that the manufacturer will have to fix: it’s adaptive brightness and a strangely working volume control, otherwise it’s the familiar Android 10 system.
And the main thing is that you will be guaranteed big updates for the next two years, when security updates are three years, quickly and on time. It is clear that you should not think about software updates when buying a smartphone. However, this is a very common disadvantage of many manufacturers. HMD Global’s decision to use Android One means you don’t have to worry here.

Battery autonomy

 The battery used in the Nokia 8.3 5G has a capacity of 4500 mAh – I have to admit that from a device with a diagonal of almost seven inches and weighing 227 grams, I expected a 500 mAh battery. However, as it is.

The advantage of the Nokia 8.3 over the competition is its superior camera. The kit is complemented by a good battery and clean software, with stable updates over time. This is exactly what you would expect from Nokia: a standalone smartphone with a quality camera and a stylish design that emphasizes functionality, build quality and everyday usability.


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