Nokia 3.4 review budget smartphone with a good camera: Price in Pakistan

Nokia 3.4 review budget smartphone with a good camera
Nokia 3.4 review budget smartphone with a good camera

Nokia 3.4 review budget smartphone with a good camera: Price in Pakistan

Nokia 3.4 Price in Pakistan: 26,000

Nokia has long been associated with the mobile phone market – but not smartphones. The past ten years have not been the best for the brand. However, everything may change with the release of a new line of devices, including Nokia 3.4. The main feature of the new model is its low price. But, is this enough to occupy your niche in the market of budget smartphones?

Design and appearance

 Outwardly, the Nokia 3.4 smartphone does not seem to be budget at all. Yes, the back is made of plastic, but it has a nice texture. The device looks attractive and is comfortable to hold. This Nokia phone differs for the better from most modern smartphones, which strive to slip out of your hands. The side frames are made of metal for added strength and weight. The power and volume keys are located on the right side.

 The button for calling the Google Assistant is on the left. On the bottom is a USB-C charging port, a 3.5mm headphone jack, a SIM card slot with space for microSD, and a single speaker. The front panel is occupied by a 6.39-inch LCD display with small bezels around.

Due to the aspect ratio of 19.5: 9, the body is elongated vertically. If you hold the gadget with one hand, it will be difficult to reach the top of the display. This smartphone is not an easy one – it weighs 180 grams and measures 160.97 × 75.99 × 8.7 mm. Nevertheless, it does not seem too massive. The bezels around the screen are small, and there is a small hole for the front camera in the upper left corner. On the back is a triple camera system, which is rarely seen in the budget segment.

There is also a fingerprint scanner nearby to unlock. Of course, the 3.4 model lacks a number of features that can be found on more expensive smartphones. There is no water resistance, wireless charging, or even fast charging, but the price is relatively low.

Smartphone display

Nokia 3.4 has a 6.39-inch LCD screen. It is large and looks good, however, due to the resolution of 1560 × 720 pixels, small text is not very clear. The maximum display brightness is 400 nits, which is half that of most modern flagships. Due to the small bezels around the panel, random clicks sometimes occur You can unexpectedly close the application or open some link. The problem should be solved by a protective case, which is not included in the kit.

Nokia 3.4 cameras

A module of three cameras for a smartphone in this price segment is a rarity. However, there are only two “real” lenses in Nokia 3.4, this is the main 13MP lens and the ultra wide-angle one at 5MP. The 2MP depth sensor only helps the primary to blur the background in portrait mode. The photo quality from Nokia 3.4 cameras is pleasantly surprising.

In good light, you get great bokeh when colors are saturated. When shooting in more difficult conditions, highlights are usually overexposed, but this is also the case with more expensive models. There is also a “Night mode” here, of course, it does not reach the analogue in the Google Pixel, but it will not be superfluous.

But the front camera is disappointing – the focus is too soft when the colors are unnaturally bright. Videos can be shot at 1080p / 60 fps, and the resulting quality is surprisingly good in daylight. Focus tracks subjects relatively steadily, although things deteriorate dramatically in dark environments.


Most Nokia smartphones have switched to the Android One platform. It provides a clean, simplified version of the Google operating system with no additional wrappers or software overlays. The interface is simple and pleasant, all standard Google applications are available to us.

The Nokia 3.4 currently runs on Android 10, but the advantage of Android One is that Google guarantees two years of updates for all devices. This means that in terms of software, the device will not become outdated in the near future.

Equipment performance

 It is hardly worth expecting that a smartphone for such low price will have a powerful processor. The Nokia 3.4 has an eight-core Qualcomm Snapdragon 460 with a maximum clock frequency of 1.8 GHz cores. Motorola E7 Plus and Oppo A53 from the same price segment work on the same chipset. The processor is helped by 3/4 GB of RAM when the amount of internal storage can be 32 or 64 GB.

I advise you to take the more powerful version, because the phone’s 3 GB of RAM is clearly not enough. The 32GB of internal storage is also very small, although we do have a slot for a microSD memory card up to 512GB. More demanding applications on the 3/32 GB test model lead to delays, and the camera sometimes stops responding altogether.

 It happens that the application just crashes, moreover, even waking up 3.4 can take longer than usual. After pressing the power button, the screen does not light up immediately, of course, an extra second is unlikely to change anything, but over time it starts to annoy.


Nokia 3.4 Battery autonomy is perhaps the strongest point of this Nokia. The manufacturer claims that the energy of this smartphone will be enough for two days of work, and this is true. The 4000 mAh battery here really provides high autonomy. In the PCMark battery test, the device reaches thirteen and a half hours, which is a very impressive figure. However, charging the device takes a long time, only 20% of the energy is restored in half an hour.


Nokia 3.4 has the right goals in mind – a budget phone doesn’t have to be bad. And they did it. The smartphone cameras take great photos, the display is not high-resolution, but the colors are good, when the Android One system guarantees a convenient, clean interface with updates. Unfortunately, the smartphone has performance problems, even when performing basic tasks, there are delays, which gradually starts to annoy. Applications may freeze and crash.

Should you buy?

Considering the price, Nokia 3.4 is not a bad smartphone for undemanding users or as a second device.


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