Motorola is ready to launch a Stylos Phone like Samsung Galaxy

finally, Samsung is going to face a competition in stylos smartphones. Motorola upcoming smartphone is similar to Samsung galaxy phone.

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Motorola is ready to launch a phone like Samsung Galaxy

Motorola Mobile Phones has decided to make a phone similar to Galaxy series

A popular twitter user Evan Belas who is famous for leaking upcoming smartphone news has shared a latest Motorola smartphone pic with a stylos. We do not have any sufficient information about it but as we can see in the picture, there is a punchhole display. It seems that this phone will be the part of Motorola upcoming smartphone. Its pen touch display will make it dominant in new year smartphone inventory.

It is quite obvious that within no time, Motorola latest smartphone will win the heart of people. Especially its pen feature will excite its users.

For a long time, Motorola was waiting for a trigger to enter into the smartphone market. Previously, it was launching expensive smartphones as compared to the local competitor. We can say that other mobile manufacturing companies moved ahead on fast pitch.

Since Motorola has shifted to Chinese company, we were expecting unique integration of features and price. But Motorola smartphones lacked in contemporary features. Especially when it comes to hardware integration, a mobile customer expects low cost phone with better features.

Other mobile companies like Xiaomi, Oppo, Vivo, Huawei were also following this pattern. Even Samsung launched its low range smartphones in 2019. With triple camera feature and huge screen these phones got huge attention. Now if we compare Motorola smartphones to latest mobile devices of any company, we will find former far behind.

Coming to Motorola latest smartphone. It is not confirmed yet when this model will be released. But in the upcoming mobile world congress being held in Barcelona may feature this smartphone too.

Motorola is working on a lot of its unique classic design mobile phones to compete its rivalries. And we have one example of Motorola foldable razor that has excited the mobile consumer market.

One thing is sure, if Motorola comes with a smartphone like galaxy, it will be available at low price definitely. And it will be challenging for Samsung itself too. Because Motorola is famous for its quality of hardware. Once Motorola new phones get popularity it will compel Samsung to decrease its smartphone prices.


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