Most popular camera phones in 2019

do you love photography? We have selected top 5 camera phones in 2019 for you. Just go through it, and read about the latest technology enriched into these premium smartphones.

smart phones with best camera

Take your photography to the next level with top 5 camera phones in 2019

  • Huawei P30 Pro –Aurora
  • Samsung Galaxy A70
  • Vivo V15 Pro
  • Sony xperia 1
  • Huawei Mate 20 Pro

Choosing the best camera phone in 2019 is quite a daunting task especially when there is a line of smartphones claiming highest bench marked camera smartphones in the market. Since a couple of years, the competition of improving smartphone technology has taken a step forward. Every smartphone manufacturing company is striving hard to improve each component of phone to beat its rivalries. Whether it is about performance, internal storage, battery capacity, camera, or other important features, phone companies are trying to take a step forward to impress this gigantic market. But what we have been seeing that along with performance of smartphone, focus has been shifted to camera quality too. In 2019, a robust change has been noticed in smartphones in the terms of camera improvisation.

Before you go to buy best camera phone in 2019, read our top picks of smartphones equipped with the real time camera integration.

1 – Huawei P30 Pro Aurorahuawei p30 pro review - PhoneBechDou

“Redefining rules of photography Capture moon with 50x zoom”

Why you should buy Huawei p30 pro?

Huawei p30 pro is equipped with Leica quad camera system that provides a complete photography authority no matter what the surroundings are. Its super zoom lenses include 20 mega pixel ultra wide lenses and 40 mega pixel super sensing camera can capture anything without a single blur. Just stay at your place and let the Leica capture incredible moments with a single flash. Without losing image quality, its periscope telephoto lens delivers a diverse zooming with delightful saturation.

Its colour sensation has been improved impressively, moving from RGGB to RYYB, the super sensor camera increase light up to 40%. Even in complete darkness, its brilliant sensor identifies the hidden objects with complete stabilization. Just making your photography impressive to perfection level.

2 – Samsung Galaxy A70samsung galaxy a70 review phonebechdou

After Samsung’s successful launch of Samsung Galaxy s10 plus, its latest smartphone galaxy A70 is particularly focusing on camera quality to compete Huawei, and Nokia pure view powerful lenses strength. As compared to galaxy s10 plus, A70 is enriched with stunning 32 mega pixel main camera along with 8 mega pixel ultra wide angle camera. It is loaded with 123 degree 5 mega pixel rotate camera that is highly effective in dark photography. Its powerful zooming capacity allows users to just remain at the place and capture a single object with in-depth detail. Without shunning anything, it delivers perfect image quality that is quite like a picture taken by a high-end DSLR camera.

3- Vivo V15 Provivo v15 pro

Take a perfect shot with 32 mega pixel selfie camera

You haven’t wouldn’t have heard a phone with such a premium camera loaded with high class camera. Vivo has taken a step forward to make selfie experience more real, brighter, and sharp with its latest Vivo v15 pro. Your spectacular moments are just a click away along with a lot of add ons that will make your photography fully customizable, and colourful.

Coming to its main capturing strength, it is mastered with triple high-end cameras as it comes with 48 million quad pixel sensors. With a massive F/1.8 aperture darkness is nothing in front of this powerful device, where Huawei brings moon closer by 50x zooming, Vivo v15 pro has done a great job by delivering clear night shot with its powerful lenses.

4 – Sony Xperia 1sony xperia 1 review - Phonebechdou

4k HDR OLED display

Sony Xperia has developed its latest Sony Xperia 1 phone that comprehensively tested for high quality images. That is why; Sony calls it a perfect phone with professional camera. As we all know, professional cameras are powerful enough for taking lively images that we hardly expect from any smartphone. Sony is a pioneer in pixel density, so one can expect such a huge product from a popular smartphone company.

Sony Xperia 1 comes with 19 mega pixel rear camera enriched with triple lenses camera system along with large pixel pitch, and bright aperture perfect for low light surrounding.

Fully focuses shots

With its alpha technology, take your picture fully focused and clear. No matter where you are, its object selection capability is beyond your thoughts. Alpha technology assists you to bring selective image clearer and focused without disturbing image quality.

5- Huawei Mate 20 Prohuawei mate 20 pro review - Phonebechdou

Powered with Leica technology

Huawei and Leica Company based in Germany has started a joint venture that will bring Huawei premium phones to a new end. Leica a top notch camera company will transfer their skills, and premium lenses quality into Huawei phones to make a true powerful smartphone that can beat any contemporary smartphone in camera performance.

Huawei latest premium phones are all coming with Leica technology that has taken these phones to a new level of photography. It is being considered that this new stream of camera companies and smartphone manufacturers will set a new dimension to smartphone technology.

Huawei mate 20 pro has Leica triple camera craftsmanship that comes with 40 mega pixel density plus 20 mega pixels ultra wide angle lenses, and 8 mega pixels telephoto aperture. Similarly, its front camera supports 24 mega pixels Support 3D Depth Sensing with f/2.0 aperture.

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