What are the most common issues found in used phones?

How to buy a perfect used phone? Read our guide that describes most common problems used smartphones carry. It will help you to buy a good used phone

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What are the most common issues found in used phone?

Common problems found in used phones- our on-field research-based data

Buying used phone is quite risky

Buying a used phone seems very attractive, but without having acute knowledge of smartphone hardware you can waste your money. Most people ignore the most common issues found in used phone and they suffer loss in the terms of money. What are these hardware problems and how they can be checked? The data is based on our findings provided by our on filed used phone buying team.

Although all android smartphone companies use major computing components manufacturing by same companies like chipset, and GPU but what matters a lot is their manufacturing ability? In most cases, you might have heard or experience it to yourself that phone is being heated up, performs slow, charging is not properly working. So, in this article, we will present the most common checkpoints that you can ensure before buying a used phone. Check them whether they are in fair condition and working sound or not.

Samsung Galaxy Note series is found with LCD and panel issues

Yes, it is observed while dealing in Samsung galaxy used smartphones that mostly note series phones have LCD issues. Even if you buy them in perfect condition, right after a month, it will start shattering the display. This issue is not found in few sets only but it is observed in a couple of used galaxy series smartphones such as

  • Samsung Galaxy Note 3
  • Samsung Galaxy Note 4
  • Samsung Galaxy Note 5

Used phones is working slowly

If you are going to buy a used phone, don’t forget to check its multitasking speed. If it is lagging or taking time to execute commands, don’t buy it as the possible chances are the phone is repaired.

Phone is heating up

The other most common issue found in used smartphone is heating problem. Because phone I not repaired by expert technicians are hardware replacement is not set as per recommendation so its processor is damaged in most possible conditions.

Phone display is blinking and pixels are shattering

Low quality replaced panels or phones with damaged display carry these issues. Make the brightness full and keep using it for few minutes, if you feel phone screen is heating up, and start blinking don’t buy the phone. Because. Its screen is damaged and it will lose its power sooner or later.

Other major checkpoints before buying a used phone

  • Wi-Fi
  • Bluetooth
  • Charging
  • Speakers
  • Battery timing
  • Signal carrying strength
  • Phone is PTA verified or not
  • IMEI

Our research data team is striving hard to bring the useful information regarding phone only to assist you to invest your money in right direction and place. If you are looking for a perfect and reliable phone buyer in Lahore, https://phonebechdou.com/ is the best place to sell old phones online.


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