Monaco becomes the first country with fully operated 5G network

Huawei has officially launched its 5G network in Monaco. In spite of U.S sanctions, it seems that other European countries will also look forward to launch 5g technology in their countries.

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Monaco becomes the first country with fully operated 5G network

Huawei has provided all technical and hardware support for this milestone


One of the leading stories of this week is that Monaco has become first ever European country with 5G network. Chinese leading technology company, Huawei has provided all required technical and hardware support. For readers’ information, Monaco is as small as a village in Pakistan. Huawei has just started their experiment about 5G network functioning and its success.

Installing 5G network in a city or a country, one need to install 5G booster same like 4G boosters installed on various places.

Although Monaco is a very small country with 40,000 population but it has shocked all major European countries to sustain its pact with Huawei for installing 5G network in the country. Whereas, other European countries are not looking interested in buying Huawei 5G technology due to American sanctions on China.

On the other hand, Global System for Mobile Communications has warned all European countries that if they do not comply with the pact, they can face severe financial loss.  Because the race to the latest technology, will keep their nation behind and it will impact their economy too.

Since the trade war between America and China has started, a lot of other countries are suffering from it. Moreover, huge investments are going to be soaked down too.

Currently, South Korea is the only country where 5G Network is operational. Similarly, other countries are switching their boosters to 5g network. And it seems by the end of 2022, all major countries will have latest 5g technology in their reach.


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