Mobile phone dealers oppose PTA 10% Tax on smartphones

Phone dealers are protesting against 10% duty on used phone. On the other hand, PTA is also blocking devices not registered on pta mobile verification system.

mobile dealers strike - phonebechdou

Mobile phone dealers oppose PTA 10% Tax on used smartphones

Dealers want an amnesty scheme for PTA mobile phone registration online free

After Peshawar High court decision to stop PTA from blocking unregistered smartphone, mobile phone dealers across the country has started campaign against unfair taxes. Recently, Pakistan telecommunication Authority has imposed 10% taxes levy taxes on used smartphones. According to the Mobile dealer association, tax on mobile phones has affected their business badly.

Moreover, PTA mobile registration check system has blocked all imported smartphones which were not registered dirbs pta. It caused a huge loss for mobile phone importers who were importing mobiles and earning huge profit. But pta device verification system has just throbbed their profits downward.

Earler, mobile phone retailers were importing mobile devices without customs fee. It was casing a massive loss to county revenue generation. Later, new taxes were imposed on imported smartphones. FBR and PTA together introduced a new pta device registration system. This system allows people to register mobile with pta dirbs online.

Traders are taking this initiative propaganda to wipe out used mobile from market to create a space for new mobile manufacturing company in the market. Similarly, they have threatened to start a protest throughout the country if their demands are not met.


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