Mobile dealers on strike against PTA phone registration Policies

used mobile phone dealers have some serious concerns on heavy duties for phone registration in PTA.

mobile dealer strike against pta unfair policies - Phone bech dou

Mobile dealers on strike against PTA phone registration Policies

Mobile Association Karachi has warned Pakistan Telecommunication Authority to revise its phone registration duties. Otherwise, mobile dealers will be on strike from all over the country that will put huge impact of phone industry.

According to AFP sources, there are more than 1.5 mobile dealers in the country who deal in used mobile phones. If PTA continues its huge phone registration fees on used smartphones, all dealers will be unemployed soon.

“Duties cost thrice as compared to the actual price of the phone”, says used mobile phone dealer in Karachi market. All dealers urge that government should release an SRO for used mobile phone registration. If current duties policies continue, it will be impossible for mobile phone dealers to import used phones.

All mobile phone dealers want an NCO to deal in used phones without any duty on GSMA approved smartphones.

On the other hand PTA has started a strict action against unregistered mobile phones and warning mobile phone dealers to get registered phones in PTA otherwise unregistered phones will be blocked.


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