Microsoft Surface Go 2 Full Review: Lowest Price surface Go 2 in Pakistan

Microsoft Surface Go 2 Full Review
Microsoft Surface Go 2 Full Review

Microsoft Surface Go 2 Full Review: Lowest Price surface Go 2 in Pakistan

Microsoft Surface Go 2 lowest price in Pakistan is 119,000

The second generation Microsoft Surface Go 2 is positioned as a 2-in-1 multifunctional device that can simultaneously act as a portable tablet and a full-fledged laptop. However, there are several nuances here.

 Second, Windows 10’s S mode isn’t nearly as well suited for touchscreens as it is on Android or iPadOS. In addition, the components in Surface Go 2 are not the most powerful, and the performance for a full version of Windows is lacking, so neither OS version is optimal. At least there are competitive 2-in-1 solutions on the market with a more powerful processor and larger display. Will Surface Go 2 compete with the 2020 iPad?

Design and appearance

 Microsoft Surface Go 2 is incredibly lightweight, weighing just 544 grams, making it easy to carry around. A stand case on the back allows you to place your device on the table and watch Netflix or YouTube while having breakfast. The second model has the usual high quality materials for Surface – the case is made of metal, it seems reliable.

 The stand is also of high quality, so you don’t have to worry about accidentally dropping the tablet on the table. The power and volume keys are located on the upper side. Pressing requires quite strong, so you cannot accidentally turn off the device. The headphone jack, Surface Connect and USB-C port are on the right, the micro SDXC card slot is under the kickstand.

Display and multimedia

 One of the main advantages of the Surface Go 2 over its predecessor is the display, which has increased from 10 inches to 10.5 inches. Yes, half an inch will hardly make a huge difference, but the bezels around the panel are smaller, which gives us a more immersive effect. The resolution has also changed – from 1800 × 1200 it has increased to 1920 × 1280 pixels, which is great news for everyone who loves to watch videos and movies.

 The maximum brightness is high, although it may not be enough for a very sunny day. Since this is an IPS-matrix, the color reproduction is excellent, they are clear and colorful. The Go 2’s display is fine. The speakers deliver surprisingly loud and clear sound, making it easy to use the device to listen to music while doing household chores. There is also an 8MP main camera and a 5MP front camera for online video calls. Two microphones are perfect for talking or recording voice. The sound picture is detailed and clear without any distortion.

Detachable keyboard

 If you’ve seen any commercials for the Microsoft Surface Go 2, they probably featured the Type Cover. Yes, the Type Cover looks good, good quality, and easily connects to Surface Go 2 – magnetically attaches to the underside. However, it is not so convenient to type on it.

 Key travel is quite long – at least for this type of keyboard, although there is no click feedback like on a good laptop. In addition, the keys feel small and the layout is cramped, leading to frequent typos. The accessory is not very stable – with each press it starts to wobble from side to side – uncomfortable. Although, of course, this is better than entering text through the touch screen.

 Type Cover will be a useful addition when you need to quickly jot down a note or make a request to a search engine, but it is not very good for typing large texts and reports. However, at least we get an excellent trackpad – it is pressed softly and pleasantly, responds surprisingly quickly.

Performance and system

The Surface Go 2 is 64% faster than its predecessor, according to Microsoft, thanks to the new 8th Gen Intel Core M3 processor. However, to get the variant with the fastest chipset, you will have to pay more. Yes, you can buy an entry-level model with an Intel Pentium Gold 422Y processor, which is significantly cheaper, but it will be noticeable in operation. Of course, the Core M3 is also not powerful enough to compete with today’s ultrabooks. However, Microsoft is positioning the Go 2 primarily as a tablet, so its main competitor is the iPad rather than any Dell XPS 13.


 The Microsoft Surface Go 2 tablet strives to be a device that performs all the functions of a tablet and a laptop, although in both cases, and in full measure, it fails. Windows 10 operating system in S mode is nowhere near as convenient as Android or iPadOS, so navigation here is not the best for a tablet.

 If you install full-fledged Windows 10, the device starts to slow down a lot, especially with an entry-level processor. Even basic tasks become almost impossible to accomplish. Of course, you can spend money and buy a model with a more powerful chipset, but the price in this case will be closer to modern ultrabooks, and it is not clear why we need Go 2.


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