LG K92 5G Latest Review: Price and Full Specification

LG K92 5G Latest Review
LG K92 5G Latest Review

LG K92 5G Latest Review: Price and Full Specification

The mid-range smartphone market has changed a lot over the past few years, with poor build quality and mediocre displays gone. Now you can easily find a phone with an excellent screen and a quality case for an affordable price. But, I was tested on the LG K92 5G.

LG K92 5G design

 First of all, the LG K92 5G is a large smartphone that will hardly fit into many pockets. Its dimensions are 16.8 × 7.6 × 0.8 cm, and its weight is 201 grams. The back surface is made of glossy pink plastic, there are a lot of stains and prints on it. The Pixel 4a also uses plastic, but it feels solid when the K92 5G feels a little fragile. If you knock on the back cover, you can hear a booming sound. All cameras and flash are located in the horizontal module at the back.

 In addition to the main sensor, they are located flush with the surface of the smartphone. It looks very stylish. The speaker, USB-C charging port and headphone jack are located on the underside. Above you can find a slot for SIM and microSD cards. On the left are the keys for adjusting the volume and calling the Google Assistant. All buttons are thin and practically do not stick out, although it is not always convenient to reach them.

On the right side of the K92 5G is the power button, which has a built-in fingerprint scanner. It does not work very quickly, although it is certain that when you press the button with your finger, the display remains dark for about a second. You will not be able to immediately determine if the sensor has read your fingerprint or not. The build quality of the LG K92 5G is disappointing. Let the plastic withstand shocks and drops better, it seems that there is no protection under the back cover.

As a rule, such structures break down quickly. There is no IP rating either, any immersion in water will immediately ruin this smartphone. Moreover, there is no protective coating on the display, it is made of ordinary soda glass, which cracks very easily upon impact.

Smartphone display

The LG K92 5G uses a 6.7-inch LCD screen with a resolution of 2400 × 1080 and a pixel density of 393 ppi. The shades of the panel are slightly warmer than usual, although the viewing angles are good and the bezels are not very large. But, the K92 5G display also has problems – for example, the darkening around the opening of the front camera, which is especially noticeable when you look at the screen from the side.
Cameras LG K92

On the back of the LG K92 5G there is a module with four cameras. The system consists of a main 64MP (f / 1.8) lens, a 5MP (f / 2.2) ultra wide-angle lens, as well as a 2MP macro lens and a depth sensor. The front camera shoots at 16MP (f / 2.0). The main lens does its job very well, and the resulting photos have superb detail and scene depth. In dark environments, there is a lot of noise and details are lost, but overall the results leave a good impression.

 Unlike many models, the ultra-wide angle camera does not show much distortion around the edges. However, the details are not so good, especially in the dark. A macro lens, as is often the case, is practically useless – images from it appear flat, detail in the foreground is low. Thanks to the depth sensor, Portrait mode produces excellent results with natural bokeh.

But the front camera copes with this mode worse, when objects in the foreground and background are similar in color, blurring is obtained with errors.


The operating system in the K92 5G is Android 10 with a shell from LG. Over the past few years, LG’s overlay has become more convenient, although it is still too different from pure Android. The icons look unusual, the settings menu is organized a little differently, and the search bar is in a different place. It’s not necessarily a bad thing, but if you’re not used to LG smartphones, you’ll need to retrain at first.

Unfortunately, there is also excess software here, the K92 5G has two dozen apps for shopping, games and various advertisements. They take up about 15 GB of memory, which is too much. It is unclear whether the smartphone will receive an update to Android 11.

Smartphone performance

 One of the main problems of the LG K92 5G is the Qualcomm Snapdragon 690 processor. Mid-range smartphones with 5G already use the 700 series chipsets. There is 6 GB of RAM and 128 GB of internal storage, of which only 95 GB is available.

 I am glad that this volume can be increased by using a microSD memory card. The Snapdragon 690 seems outdated now. Applications take a long time to open, there is a delay between window switching, and sometimes the smartphone may freeze for a short time. Curiously, the K92 5G performs well in tests. Geekbench 5 gives 600 points in single-core mode and 1,735 in multi-core, which is no worse than the OnePlus Nord N10 (580/1845 points).

Of course, you can’t judge Geekbench alone. PCMark 2.0 and Basemark Web benchmarks measure the smartphone’s performance in real-world applications. Here, the K92 5G is no longer so rosy. When performing tasks like video editing and web surfing, the smartphone lags behind the competition.

 In the GFXBench Car Chase graphics test, the LG model produces 14 fps, where competitors on the Snapdragon 765 are capable of 21 fps. Apparently, the graphics core is one of the main reasons for the poor performance of the device.

Communication and sound

 LG K92 5G smartphone supports dual band Wi-Fi and Bluetooth 5.1. For 5G operation, a modem with a frequency range of up to 6 GHz is used, mmWave is not here. The maximum volume of the earpiece reaches 88 dB, which is enough for almost any conditions.

There is little interference at high volumes, but noise cancellation works great. The K92 5G boasts stereo speakers, but they are not well balanced. The volume of the lower one can go up to 101 dB, while the upper one – only up to 81 dB. Luckily, we have a 3.5mm jack and Bluetooth headphone jack, and it sounds great with a good headset.

Autonomy LG K92 5G

 The battery capacity of the LG K92 is 4000 mAh, despite the quite energy efficient processor; the smartphone battery is not the most autonomous. When watching HD video over Wi-Fi at medium brightness, the screen time is 8 hours. However, the K92 5G supports Quick Charge 4.0, and in a few minutes at the outlet, you can provide your smartphone with several hours of battery life, and an hour – restore about 80% of the battery. Unfortunately, there is no wireless charging here.


 The LG K92 5G seems like a decent smartphone, albeit not better, relative to the Google Pixel 4a and other competitors. The phone has a mediocre battery and performance when the display is just average. But, there are decent cameras, fast charging and excellent sound quality through headphones.


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