Lg K61 Complete Review 2020

Lg K61 Complete Review 2020
Lg K61 Complete Review 2020

Lg K61 Complete Review 2020: K61 Lg lowest Price in Pakistan

looks like in 2020 LG is going to cut the costs of manufacturing its smartphones. Nevertheless, the Korean company remains active in the budget segment – in February it was announced about the update of the K line, consisting of LG K61, K51S and K41S.

 In the review, the most expensive model is the K61. Not so long ago, instead of the G lineup, LG Velvet went on sale – with a mid-range processor. It is obvious that the company is not trying to compete with the flagships at the moment. So what constitutes the best mid-range smartphone LG K61? What’s special about it? Should you buy? I will try to answer these and other questions in the review.

Design and appearance

 There is nothing remarkable about the design of the LG K61, although the smartphone looks pretty. It looks a bit like the models of yesteryear like the LG G5 2016, but doesn’t seem outdated. Due to the rounded corners, the appearance leaves a pleasant impression, it is very convenient to hold it in your hands. On the back there is a horizontal module of four cameras, it is rectangular and also rounded at all corners, which corresponds to the general style.

The fingerprint scanner located in the middle of the rear panel, just below the cameras, is also round. On the right side there is a power button and a SIM card slot. On the left, there are two separate volume keys, and just below the call button for the voice assistant. It would be nice to be able to reassign it to another function, but alas. On the top edge there is nothing but a microphone. On the bottom is a second microphone, speaker, 3.5mm headphone jack and USB Type-C port.

Smartphone display

The LG K61 is equipped with a 6.53-inch Full HD + LCD screen, which is pretty standard for this price segment. The display looks good, but it doesn’t offer anything stunning or innovative. Colors appear natural without too much saturation, with blacks doing slightly better than many other LCD panels. On the street, the brightness is sometimes a little lacking, although you don’t have to overextend your eyes.

An important feature of the K61 screen software is the ability to resize elements to make icons and other interface icons smaller. It seems that such an opportunity is available everywhere, but, in fact, most smartphones do not allow this. Their large displays are literally filled with giant icons. Fortunately, this model has such a setting.

Cameras LG K61

The quad camera system in the LG K61 is also pretty standard for the price. Consists of a 48MP main sensor, an 8MP ultra wide-angle lens, a 5MP macro camera and a 2MP depth sensor. As is often the case in the middle and budget segment, half of these cameras are here only to attract buyers, there is little real benefit from them.
However, this does not mean that they shoot poorly – especially the main lens. Not all 48MP lenses produce the same results, and the K61 is a pleasant surprise in this regard. The colors in the pictures are natural and balanced, there is no oversaturation. HDR also helps – sometimes the dynamic range is poor, small objects lose detail and clarity, although in most situations the photos leave a pleasant impression.

On the other hand, there are problems with autofocus – the K61 often selects for focus the wrong subject, which is the main one in the frame. You can direct the focus to the correct one by tapping on the screen, although this is often inconvenient when you just want to start the camera and quickly take a picture. A macro lens has the same problems, and even more so.

The ultra wide angle lens is also far from ideal. It not only creates a noticeable fish-eye effect around the edges of the frame, but for no reason it oversaturated the colors, which makes the photos look unnatural. There is no night mode, so the quality of images drops noticeably in the evening. In low light, a lot of grain and noise appears, in this regard the K61 is worse than many competitors. I am glad that the front camera takes good selfies.

In terms of video, the LG K61 is fine with detail, although the results are too different from each other even with small changes in lighting, and the dynamic range is not too wide. There is also no image stabilization, and a lot of noise appears in low light.


The first and most obvious problem of the LG K61 in terms of software is that it is 2020, and the smartphone is still running Android 9 Pie. Android 11 comes out three months later, when this model has an operating system that is two years old. Considering that LG is not the most reliable company in terms of updates, the K61 can only expect the appearance of Android 10, and that’s not a fact.

Nevertheless, the interface is nice here. Despite the absence of Android 10, there is a built-in dark mode that does not work in all applications. There is no unnecessary bloated software – if there is a service from Google, LG will not offer its own alternative, which is good. Almost all applications can be disabled – with the exception of Chrome and Google Feed, which for some reason reactivate themselves each time. Of course, there are also disadvantages in the interface.

Since it’s not Android 10, you won’t have gesture navigation, and some adware apps are still there. There are a number of pre-installed games, as well as Facebook and Instagram – although they can be uninstalled, there will be an option for reinstalling in the settings, so you cannot get rid of it forever.


The LG K61 seems to have a lot of problems, but the smartphone feels surprisingly enjoyable. There is something subtly attractive in its design, and the device is very comfortable to hold in your hands. It is worth noting the camera and how natural colors are obtained in photographs, especially if you shoot from the main sensor. If this is one of your main concerns, the K61 is definitely worth considering for a purchase.

But, this phone has too many drawbacks. In low light, the photos come out noticeably worse, and there are problems when recording video. The interface is not bad, although the phone runs on the outdated Android 9 OS, which is a bit ridiculous in mid-2020. And the main thing is that the K61 fails in terms of performance – even basic tasks are performed slowly.


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