Google stands in favor of Huawei Mobiles

what is next for Google after losing such a rich client? Is Huawei in a position to give a big blow to U.S sanctions and move ahead?

google took stand for huawei

Google stands in favor of Huawei Mobiles

Latest update on U.S and Huawei Trade war

It is reportedly said that Google is arguing with U.S Govt. officials to stop taking further action against China’s leading technology company Huawei mobiles. This is the largest breakthrough after temporary license permission US officials have provided U.S based companies to trade with Huawei. Therefore, it may carry its mobile updates to its users worldwide.

According to the reports by Financial Times, Google officials have communicated with a number of influential Govt. individuals and have warned them about the after comes of sanctions on Huawei Mobiles. Google says it will not only massively damage the U.S economy, but also create a huge space of unemployment.

Last week, the CEO of Huawei Mobiles has also admitted that recent U.S sanctions on Huawei may bring damage to company’s low-end product but it will also put a huge impact on America’s economy too as a number of companies will be firing a lot of employees after losing a massive tech client. For him. Huawei will bear the pressure of low-end mobile sale devaluation, but at the end, Huawei will be unbeatable in its high-end gadgets.

Since Google has caught the news that Huawei is planning to launch its own OS, it has shaken the company that sanction wouldn’t be able to threat Huawei. By listening to such reports, Google officials are trying to convince U.S officials that they should not restrict U.S based tech companies to provide their services to Huawei mobiles. This step will empower Chinese mobile companies to be independent as soon as possible. Moreover, it will have huge impact on Google authority in future.

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