Jazzcash and Payoneer join hands to facilitate freelancers in Pakistan

jazz cash benefits joins payoneer that assists Pakistani freelancers to receive international amounts in jazzcash easypaisa account or payeer to jazzcash.

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Jazzcash and Payoneer join hands to facilatate freelancers in Pakistan

Freelancers can receive international payments in Jazz Cash mobile account

Jazz cash and Payoneer have signed a pact recently to support freelancers in Pakistan. There is no valid and easy to use international channel for Pakistani freelancers to receive payments from their international clients. It was a huge problem for them to receive foreign money. It had also impact on freelancers work as international clients preferred to work with the freelancers who had a proper and reliable source to receive money.

Pakistani former Treasure minister Asad Umer had talked to PayPal in this regard, but according to the sources, PayPal is not willing to launch its operations in Pakistan yet.

Is there payoneer option available in jazz cash app?

Yes, jazz has added payoneer payment option in its app. It is working and you can use it now.

How can freelancer register jazz cash account?

Freelancers can register their jazz cash account by downloading the app.

How to link payoneer account with jazz cash?

To link payoneer account to jazz cash,

  • Download jazz cash app
  • Signup
  • Or login with already account
  • Open payoneer tab
  • Link it with jazz cash account

Is there any requirement of documents in linking payoneer account with jazzcash app?

No, there is no documentation required to register payoneer with jazzcash account.

How to receive money/funds from payoneer to jazzcash account?

You can directly transfer funds from payoneer to your jazzcash account.

How much time it take to transfer money from payoneer to jazzcash account?

It is the matter of seconds to transfer money. Just click on transfer button an you will receive the money in your account.

What are the advantages of using jazzcash for international funds transfer?

Jazz cash app offers following advantages to freelancers of Pakistan:

  • Receive Rs.2 Airtime on every dollar
  • 2 Free Cash Withdrawals
  • Minimum Withdrawal amount of $1
  • Good Exchange Rate
  • Real Time Transfers

It is a very appreciative and laudable step from Jazz management. Getting payments from international clients was a dire need for local freelancers.


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