iphone not charging-iphone battery charging tips

iphone battery charging tips

iPhone not charging-(iPhone battery charging tips)

The battery is often empty faster than you would like. It is even worse when you realize that the iPhone is no longer charging!


  1. What charging accessories do you use?
  2. iPhone no longer loads: the search for the causes
  3. Dirt in the charging port
  4. Charging accessories damaged
  5. error in the system
  6. Power consumption too high
  7. If nothing helps, only the professional helps
  8. Conclusion: iPhone no longer charges? That can help

Instagram, Facebook, Google Maps and maybe a little game in between? Such apps consume a lot of energy from your iPhone. Quickly connected to the charging cable, but then the shock: the iPhone no longer charges properly! Don’t panic, we’ll tell you how to solve this problem quickly.

What charging accessories do you use?

Power supplies and USB cables from manufacturers other than Apple are often cheaper, but have one major disadvantage: Not all are recognized by the iPhone. Make sure that you use original Apple accessories or accessories that are certified by Apple and carry the “Made for Apple” logo.

iPhone no longer loads: the search for the causes

Before you try out the following tips, make sure that the charging cable and the power adapter are securely connected to each other and correctly inserted in the socket. Also check that the outlet you are using is intact. If none of this worked, the search for other possible causes can begin.

Dirt in the charging port

Often the reason why your iPhone stops charging is very simple: dust and dirt in the charging socket. You can often tell whether this is the case by simply looking into the socket or (when charging) by a small gap between the cable and the iPhone.

If the charging plug is not flush with the housing, no power connection can be established – consequently the iPhone does not charge. Then it is high time for a spring cleaning of the device . Use a toothpick to carefully remove the dirt . Make sure not to apply too much pressure so that the connection is not damaged during the cleaning action.

The charging socket is clean, but the problem still persists? A damaged charging cable could then be to blame for your iPhone no longer charging. If you have the option, test the charging cable on another compatible iPhone or borrow a charging cable from another Apple user to check whether your smartphone is charging with it.

To test whether the charging adapter is still functional , try charging your iPhone on a PC or with a power bank.

error in the system

Occasionally, a simple error in the system can hamper the charging process of your iPhone. Turn your device off and on, and then check if it works.

If your iPhone is still not charging, you could try a forced restart , the so-called hard reset . This clears the iPhone’s cache and thus fixes small errors in the system.

Power consumption too high

Your iPhone shows you that it is charging, but the battery indicator does not change? This could be due to the fact that the power just gained is used up at the same time. Try to reduce power consumption . Close any open apps that are running in the background or put your iPhone in flight mode .

If nothing helps, only the professional helps

The iPhone will not charge more , even though you have followed all our advice? Then unfortunately only a professional helps. Bring your iPhone, including charging cable and charging adapter, to an Apple Store for evaluation . Authorized Apple service providers and Apple support can also help.

And if nothing really works, then maybe it is high time for a new cell phone. With us you get all current Apple iPhones at a top price .

Conclusion: iPhone no longer charges? That can help

To get your iPhone back to full power, you could try the following:

  • Check if your charging cable is certified by Apple.
  • Are the charging cable and the power adapter firmly connected and is the socket intact?
  • Carefully clean the charging socket with a toothpick.
  • Check your charging cable and charging adapter for damage.
  • Restart your iPhone, if in doubt do a forced restart.

Reduce power consumption by putting your iPhone in flight mode while charging


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