Infinix Zero 8 Review/price in Pakistan 2020: Full specifications

Infinix Zero 8 Review/price in Pakistan 2020
Infinix Zero 8 Review/price in Pakistan 2020

Infinix Zero 8 Review/price in Pakistan 2020: Full specifications

  1. Infinix Zero 8 price Pakistan: 35,000
  2. Infinix Zero 8 price Pakistan price in usd: $210


The Infinix Zero 8 is an impressive China smartphone that shines with high-end functions such as split screen, fingerprint sensor, face unlock and makes the device a good daily companion, but which is difficult to operate with one hand.

 A well-made full-body aluminum housing, with a bright Full HD IPS display, a really decent camera with slight weaknesses and a good mono speaker. In addition, the battery life of the Zero 8 is extremely good!

 If you consider the low price of around 200 €, it is difficult to find alternatives that can keep up with the technical data and processing of the Zero 8, but if you look at the slightly older flagships you could compare it with a Galaxy S7 Edge or a Oneplus 3, for example. By and large, the device is not bad at a price of around 35,000 pkr. But you have to come to terms with the size, or if you are looking for such a large display, then you can’t make a mistake with the device and the price.

Design and processing

Aluminum housing which looks like a single piece and the frame reminds a bit of the Oneplus 5 devices. Solid workmanship, nothing to complain about, the gaps are also ideal. In addition, there is no camera hump and the device even looks very appealing at the rear, the camera area is emphasized by a kind of carbon look. Colleagues who saw the device were impressed by the design … “wow that looks almost like an iPhone, even with a DUAL camera … cool”.

The size is similar to an iPhone 7 Plus. Due to the aluminum housing, the device is also quite slippery in the hand and should rather be operated with 2 hands. The size is balanced with a very good battery performance.


The presentation of the content is absolutely fine. It is not an extremely colorful display as in Samsung devices, but it has natural color rendering and the sharpness is more than sufficient. The illumination of the display is also very even and I have nothing to complain about. A solid standard display, if you can describe it that way.


It is not a TOP flagship, but it is fast enough to keep up with the high end devices from 2016/17. A brief summary of the technical data: Mediatek Helio P25 MT6757CD Octacore processor with 6 GB Ram. In my opinion, there is enough power in there.

In terms of performance, I can report a solid performance. The launcher reloads sporadically when you are in apps and press the home button.
A slightly choppy animation can be heard when switching between the apps, but the device is fast enough for normal users and can be compared to a Galaxy S7 in terms of performance.

Operating system

The standard launcher makes a very good impression, it is the XOS launcher which is very similar to the EMUI launcher from Huawei. A nice extra feature is the ability to navigate between the folders with a swipe to the left and right, that means you open a folder that you have created on the home screen to group apps that revolve around “tools” and can then with simply use the swiping gestures mentioned to navigate to the other folders you have created.
In the folders themselves, you can easily sort the apps alphabetically by clicking on the “sort button” or restore your own sorting with another click.

There is no way to call up the navigation bar by swiping down anywhere on the home screen, but one-handed operation is integrated (this can be activated via the control center or the status bar of Android). Another launcher (e.g. the Nova Launcher) offers the option of activating such gestures like on any Android device.


The camera takes good pictures, the quality on the smartphone display is very good and the functions such as bokeh mode for the rear and front cameras are nice gimmicks. The bokeh mode is pretty good, even if it doesn’t work 100% accurately … but it can keep up with the high-end devices that are well known.

To the main camera

There is even a pro mode where connoisseurs can let off steam. The pictures look really good at first glance, but when you zoom in they lose a bit of sharpness and appear slightly washed out (reminds a little of the Oneplus 5). In bright light, however, the device takes really impressive photos, you should only have steady hands, otherwise the images will shake a little. At dusk you notice a strong picture noise, the darker it gets, the stronger this noise becomes visible


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