Huawei Y5p review budget and affordable smartphone

Huawei Y5p review budget and affordable smartphone
Huawei Y5p review budget and affordable smartphone

Huawei Y5p review budget and affordable smartphone

It just so happened that an inexpensive Y5p model came to my review, which can be a good reference point. If you are wondering what to expect from Huawei for 14,500 pkr, I invite you to read my test.

What is in the box?

Everything is modest here. You will not find a case or headphones. The manufacturer decided to limit it to a minimum, so along with the smartphone I received only a charger with a Micro-USB cable and a clip for removing the SIM.

Conservative design

The appearance of the front panel of Huawei Y5p immediately shows that we are dealing with a rather simple device that stylistically refers to past models. However, the lack of a frameless design is not at all a drawback. Yes, the edges could be a little narrower, but the overall impression of the device is quite good, especially in black.

 The bezels are symmetrical: the speaker and selfie camera are located in the center at the top. At the bottom we have a black bar, of course without a physical button. Until recently, manufacturers were happy to put their name there – it’s good that Huawei did not.

On the top edge there is a 3.5 mm headphone jack, on the left there are two buttons (volume and power control). On the opposite side is a hybrid SIM tray. In turn, the Micro-USB connector and microphone are on the bottom edge.

The back of the Y5p is a different story altogether. Most striking here is the distinctive camera module that looks as if it was borrowed directly from the P40 Lite. The only difference is that instead of four lenses, we get only one with a backlight diode. The third mysterious hole turned out to be a microphone.
Everything is made of plastic, which bends gently under pressure and collects prints slightly. Most importantly, however, the design is light (weighs only 144 g), its small shape and rounded frames make it suitable for all hands. The good news is that nothing squeaks even under fairly strong pressure.

Smartphone screen

This is by far the biggest asset and at the same time a positive surprise for the Huawei Y5p. The 5.45-inch screen is called HD FullView in promotional materials. What’s behind this? Well, a TFT LCD (IPS) matrix that offers a resolution of 1440 × 720 in 18: 9 format when the refresh rate is 60Hz. The Y5p display offers good color reproduction and surprisingly wide viewing angles. The image is also very bright. The term “shines” fits very well here, because at maximum brightness it hurts to look closely. For me, half of the scale was quite enough even on a very sunny day.

Huawei Y5p cameras

The Huawei Y5p smartphone has a photography function, and this could end the discussion of the whole topic. The main camera with an 8-megapixel matrix and f / 2.0 aperture cannot cope at all. Under ideal lighting conditions, you can hide its imperfections. However, it is enough for a shadow to appear, and the photo will immediately turn into a “mess”.

The front camera has the same problems. It uses a 5MP matrix without a diode. The aperture is f / 2.2, so its main drawback is the lack of perfect lighting. The camera app is very simple, even minimalistic when it comes to the features available. Among other things, we have an HDR mode that gently wraps the colors. In turn, the PRO mode allows you to adjust the ISO value or choose the lighting.

 There is also a digital face beautification function that allows you to achieve a porcelain skin effect. The Y5p is capable of shooting Full HD video at 30 fps. However, the manufacturer recommends using 720p in 16: 9 format. There is nothing surprising here either. The quality of the recordings – according to the characteristics of the camera – is insufficient.

Component performance

 It was clear from the start that the Y5p would not be a performance monster. True, on paper, the eight-core Mediatek MT6762 looks good, but only 2 GB of RAM was added to support it. Users also have at their disposal 32 GB of memory, the device also supports Micro-SD memory cards up to 512 GB. How does such a kit handle Android 10 and EMUI 10.1?

It may be that performance will deteriorate over time, but throughout the tests I did not experience much of the discomfort associated with lags. Switching between apps was pretty smooth, and the system never crashed or freezes. If we limit ourselves to using only basic functions and keep the number of applications to a minimum (so the lack of access to Google Play really helps), the performance of the Huawei Y5p shouldn’t be too much of a problem for a long time.

So who is Y5p for?

The group of potential interested buyers includes individuals who will treat the gadget as a touchscreen mobile phone. Those expecting at least average photos should look around for more expensive models. Just add a few thousand to the slightly more powerful Y6p, which looks more attractive.


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