What’s next for Huawei after Google cuts off its ties with it?

Huawei is almost to launch its own operating system. What can be the next moves of Huawei if restrictions are not uplifted?

Huawei without google

What’s next for Huawei after Google cuts off its ties with it?

Huawei has released its own App store against Google Play store

Huawei- implementing some sharp steps

After US daring step on blacklisting Huawei over national security concerns what is next for Huawei? Although Google and other tech companies based in US have planned to supply parts and digital services for three months. But what’s next for the company? Google is providing security features to existing Huawei smartphones but that is not available for upcoming phones.

It would be a shocking situation for Huawei company as a lot of things are there to be sorted out. For instance, you can cop up with one or two issues but tackling a lot of features would be quite challenging.

Has Huawei built its own Android prototype?

As CEO of Huawei has claimed that the technicians at Huawei have been working on developing their own operating system to face uncertain conditions as the company is facing ow. Similarly, they are working on continuous security support features for existing mobiles. According to him that is the part of plan B and they will appreciate to work with globally recognized android operating systems.

Huawei has introduced its app gallery

Yes, it is quite striking punch from Huawei as it has unveiled its App gallery. It is an alternative of Google Playstore. Huawei App Gallery contains very user-friendly interface and comes with all popular apps. It may require a little time to build a strong base but it can be said a good initiate. The best feature of this app is that developers will have an option to share the app for both east and West audience.

How does Google face loss in banning Huawei?

Huawei hardware and digital services exports are of $60 billon around the world and AMERICA’s share is 16% of total value. It doesn’t mean that only Huawei will suffer, but on the other hand, American exports are going to suffer a loss of $ 16 Billion approximately.

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