HUAWEI Mate 40 Pro vs. HUAWEI P40 Pro: Full specification review

HUAWEI Mate 40 Pro vs. HUAWEI P40 Pro
HUAWEI Mate 40 Pro vs. HUAWEI P40 Pro

HUAWEI Mate 40 Pro vs. HUAWEI P40 Pro: Full specification review

Despite the US embargo and the corona pandemic: HUAWEI continues to produce and publish premium smartphones. The P40 Pro came onto the market in spring, followed by the Mate 40 Pro in autumn. Phonebechdou examined the main differences and similarities between cell phones.

It’s not easy for HUAWEI at the moment. First, the USA imposed a trade embargo on the manufacturer, then comes the corona pandemic, which not only brings small smartphone manufacturers to their knees. Despite the adversity, HUAWEI continues to bring mobile phones onto the market – and in top quality. 

The P40 Pro kicked off in spring 2020. About half a year later, in autumn, the Mate 40 Pro shook up the smartphone market. You can find out what unites or differentiates both devices in our duel: Mate 40 Pro vs. P40 Pro.

Data comparison: HUAWEI Mate 40 Pro vs. HUAWEI P40 Pro

Here you can find the technical data of the two smartphones at a glance:

HUAWEI Mate 40 ProHUAWEI P40 Pro
Display size technology resolution6.76 in OLED 1,772 x 1,344 pixels  6.58 in OLED 2,640 x 1,200 pixels  
protectionIP68, Gorilla GlassIP68, Gorilla Glass
processorKirin 9000Kirin 990 (5G)
random access memory8 GB8 GB
Storage Expandable?256 GB Yes, up to 256 GB256 GB Yes, up to 256 GB
camera MegapixelsTriple camera 50 MP + 20 MP + 12 MPQuad camera 50 MP + 40 MP + 12 MP + ToF sensor
battery pack4,400 mAh4,200 mAh
Factory operating systemEMUI 11 based on Android 10EMUI 10 based on Android 10

Design and display: HUAWEI is modern as usual

In terms of design, HUAWEI meets customer expectations with both phones. The display of the P40 Pro is only framed by the corners, which means that the entire screen is available for apps, videos, photos and the like. Only a pill-shaped notch in the upper left corner interrupts the display. The Mate 40 Pro is also edgeless, but the upper and lower display edges are held by the case. Due to the size of the screen, however, this fact is hardly significant. The sides of both phones are rounded.

The HUAWEI Mate 40 Pro offers a 6.76-inch display that has a resolution of 1,772 x 1,344 pixels. The P40 Pro is slightly smaller and has a screen diagonal of 6.58 inches, but has a higher resolution of 2,640 x 1,200 pixels. Both China smartphones work with an OLED screen, which ensures good black levels and brilliant colors. Both models are protected by Gorilla Glass. The IP68 certification certifies that the devices are waterproof and dustproof.

Achievement: HUAWEI upgrades this autumn

For the two flagships, HUAWEI insists on installing in-house processors. The P40 Pro uses the Kirin 990 5G, which has eight cores and works with a clock frequency of up to 2.86 GHz. It was manufactured using the 7 nm process and is accordingly fast.

The HUAWEI Mate 40 Pro, on the other hand, is equipped with the Kirin 9000. This power chip is the first Android processor to use the 5 nm process. In addition, the processor has eight cores and speeds of up to 3.13 GHz. This makes the Mate 40 Pro even more powerful than its spring counterpart.

Both smartphones use 8 GB of RAM and have a 5G modem with which, provided you have a suitable mobile phone contract, you can quickly access the Internet outside of your four walls.

Camera: HUAWEI outclass itself

The Chinese manufacturer’s smartphones are known for their first-class cameras. HUAWEI proves this once again with the P40 Pro and the Mate 40 Pro. A change that is noticeable at first glance: Instead of a rectangular or square camera, HUAWEI presents us with a circular sorting in the Mate 40 Pro, making it a real eye-catcher. Behind the innovative optics are three lenses with a resolution of 50 MP + 20 MP + 12 MP.

In the P40 Pro, the manufacturer relies on the classic rectangular shape, but has installed a quad camera. Thanks to the ToF sensor, another lens is added to the spring model. In addition, HUAWEI provides the P40 Pro with a resolution of 50 MP + 40 MP + 12 MP. Photos and videos are great with both smartphones, but if you want to get the most out of your snapshots, you should use the P40 Pro.

Battery and memory: hardly any differences

In terms of battery, HUAWEI has hardly changed anything. The Mate 40 Pro works with a capacity of 4,400 mAh, the P40 Pro has an energy storage of 4,200 mAh. This means that you can safely get through the day with both smartphones, even with intensive use. If the battery is empty, you can supply your HUAWEI cell phones with enough juice within a short time thanks to the quick charge function.

When it comes to storage capacity, HUAWEI has not made any compromises. Both smartphones offer 256 GB of internal storage space, which can be upgraded by a further 256 GB if necessary. Note, however, that you cannot use a microSD card, instead you have to use HUAWEI’s own storage medium NM-Card to upgrade .


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