Huawei finds alternative of Google Maps- Huawei Tom Tom

Huawei is going to launch its own Map and navigation app by the help of Dutch Navigation company: tom tom. A big success for Huawei mobile phone users.

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Huaewi finds alternative of Google Maps- Huawei Tom Tom

After USA sanctions on Huawei, it is working on its alternative apps and services

According to the mobile phones latest news, we have seen a massive proceedings in Huawei new apps. Huawei is going to sign a deal with Dutch mapping and navigation company tom tom for preparing a replacement of google apps. This news was leaked by a leading online news source “ Reuters”. Just a day before the online news agency has claimed that chinese leading technology company is ready to set a new journey into app development. It will soon prepare its own pile of mobile apps that will replace google maps.

Both companies were having a discussion on it since Google refused its services to Huawei mobiles. But this is the first time when company has opened up about this topic.

A challenging task for Tom Tom to produce better Mapping app for android

No doubt, Google maps is extremely popular among android users. We can see that not only common users are using this feature, but it is being used on commercial level. It will be very difficult and challenging for Dutch Navigation Company to prepare a map replacement app that should work and perform better than google maps.

But on the other side, we can say that is a great news for Huawei company itself. Because after the us sanctions on Huawei, it was not able to use google apps like youtube and plasystore. Although it was using free source Android OS, but Google refused to offer its top featured apps in Huawei smartphones. That is why we have seen Huawei new mobile phones are launched without google apps in 2019 and 2020.

Huawei Harmony OS

Huawei is also working on its own Operating System “Harmony” but is not used in mobile phones yet. This New Harmony operating system is being utilized in smart televisions to check it capacity and deliverance power. Moreover, for new operating system, Huawei is also working with thousands of apps developer to make it successful.

Since, America has banned Huawei products; company is struggling in revenue generation. But still it has thwarted all gossips and predictions by making massive revenue from it low and high end products.


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