How to watch world cup 2019 live on Mobile phone?

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How to watch world cup 2019 live on Mobile phone?

Best app to watch live world cup 2019 on smartphone

Are you looking a perfect free channel to watch live cricket world cup 2019? We have brought to you the best mobile app where you can watch live cricket match for free in Pakistan. Since, world cup has started; billions of people round the globe are enjoying and supporting their teams. But, if you cannot go to the ground; why not to watch it on your mobile?

Yes, if you do not have cable, or any other source to watch cricket world cup 2019 live for free, you can watch it on your phone too. It is completely free.

How to watch live cricket free on mobile?

As there are number of apps available on app store to stream live cricket for free, but Goonj app is the best mobile app to watch live cricket in Pakistan. Following is the link to Goonj app:

goonj app - phone bech dou

How to operate Goonj to watch live cricket world cup 2019?

To watch live cricket world up for free, follow these steps:

“Remember! you must have a stable internet connection to watch live cricket on mobile phone”

  1. Click on the above mentioned link
  2. Install Goonj app on your phone
  3. Open it, and agree with the conditions
  4. There will be various free channels, tap live cricket
  5. Ad will appear, you will just skip it
  6. Tap on PTV sports live
  7. Here you go. It’s all done

You can also watch live cricket world cup 2019 on following apps:

  1. Hotstar

hotstar app - Phonebechdou

2- PTV sports live

ptv_sports - phone bech dou


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