How to transfer apps data from android to android free?

How to transfer apps data from android to android, learn to transfer data from android to android Samsung in 2020.

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How to transfer apps data from android to android?

A beginners’ guide to transfer everything to my new android phone

Android data transfer: move with Google

The simplest way to transfer the data from the old Android smartphone to a new one is via Google. Pretty much every Android user has set up a Google account on their phone. What some people don’t know: Google synchronizes contacts, calendars, emails and app data.

So, if you back up your data via the Google account, you can easily switch to a new Android smartphone. Before changing your mobile phone, check on the old smartphone whether all relevant data is synchronized – for Samsung, for example, under Settings, Accounts and Backup, Accounts, the name of the Google account and Synchronize account. You can use the symbol with the three dots in the top right to trigger the backup there manually with Synchronize now.

To be on the safe side, check Google Drive to see if Google has created a device backup there. To do this, click on Backups in the bar on the left at or on the three bars at the top left in the Google Drive app and on Backups.

Moving tools from the manufacturer

Manufacturers like Samsung and Sony offer apps for moving to a new device. It should be noted that not all data can always be transferred with two smartphones from different manufacturers. Depending on the relocation assistant, you can move contacts, e-mails, appointments, videos, photos, music, documents and notes to your newcomer. The transfer runs via Bluetooth, WLAN and a microSD card via a PC

Third-party tools for the rest

Doesn’t the Google account or the manufacturer’s relocation helpers allow special data such as MMS attachments and start screens to be transferred from the old to the new Android smartphone? Third-party tools often help here. There is a large number of backup apps in the Google Play Store, but very few are suitable. There are also tools that only back up certain data. The free “SMS Backup & Restore” app reliably saves your SMS and the call list on the old device. The app restores them on the new smartphone.

Android data transfer: WhatsApp backup

Many messengers now offer the option of packing chat histories into the moving boxes. WhatsApp, for example, creates a daily backup that ends up in the smartphone’s internal memory. By activating the corresponding function, the app also backs up your data on Google Drive.


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