How to stream on twitch from pc and console: 2020 Update

How to stream on twitch from pc and console: 2020 Update
How to stream on twitch from pc and console: 2020 Update

How to stream on twitch from pc and console: 2020 Update?

Check out this guide to learn how to stream on Twitch, set up your channel and stream from your PC or PS4 and Xbox game console.

A quick guide to understand how to stream on Twitch from PC but also from PS4 and Xbox.

The live stream , especially among young fans of video games, now represents the present and the future of the web. The possibility of broadcasting their games online, talking about their passions live on the web, sharing them with a community and, in some cases, being able to make money, have changed not only the online habits of consumers but also the strategies of the companies that dealing with web entertainment.

What is twitch and what content to stream?

Twitch is the largest live streaming platform dedicated to the world of gaming on the web today. It offers the possibility to follow the matches of the most popular streamers in the world live, to participate in community chats and to support your favorite channels with donations or monthly subscriptions. 

The most famous Twitch streamers today are real stars of the web capable of involving tens of thousands of fans and followers in each live, chatting with them, suggesting tricks and strategies to be used in a particular game, dispensing advice on technical configurations or accessories to be used to improve your gaming performance.

How to stream on Twitch from PC and Mac?

Computer twitch streams are certainly the most used configuration for web direct . The possibility of modulating the structure according to your needs, combined with the possibility of using a device that you already own, in fact allow streamers numerous options at a relatively low cost. We have already mentioned the minimum necessary technical requirements, which are:

  • internet connection with at least 3 MB upload
  • Intel Core i5 4670 or equivalent AMD processor
  • 8 gigabytes of RAM

As for the operating system, the minimum requirement is Windows 7. The video card is also very important, absolutely necessary if you want to broadcast live games: in this case you will need a graphics card compatible with DirectX 10 and later, capable of supporting the high workload required while playing. In this section of the guide, however, we will resume step by step the operations to be performed to know how to do live on twitch, starting from activating an account up to streaming your content.

Create a Twitch account

The first step in going live on Twitch is to create an account . This is a free, very simple operation that takes just a few minutes. If you wish to register on the desktop platform you can do so by logging into the official Twitch web page and there, as with any online service, create an account.

 It is important to underline in fact that if to attend the live shows, albeit with limitations, it is not necessary to register on the portal, in case you want to propose live content instead you must necessarily have a valid account.

Install OBS (Open Broadcaster Software) for PC and Mac

If you use a computer to be able to stream, you need specific software that helps you configure the parameters and create the live broadcast. OBS (Open Broadcaster Software) is one of the best programs out there and can be downloaded directly from its official website.

 It is a completely free software available not only for PCs but also for Mac and Linux. Let’s see together how to stream on twitch with OBS in a few simple steps: once you have installed and started the program you will need to associate it with your Twitch account: in the settings menu, access the Stream item, which includes everything you need for this operation.

Set up the streaming channel on Twitch

The configuration of your channel page is one of the most important aspects for a content producer that is attractive and recognizable among the many present on the platform. To attract the attention of onlookers who may one day become your followers, it is important to give your channel a touch of personality and style and, above all, essential and important information about your business. On the channel page there are numerous items and sections at your disposal to achieve an optimal degree of customization.

Stream to Twitch from PS4

We have so far talked about streaming on twitch from computers and we have seen which and how many steps it is necessary to take. Now let’s see what steps we need to take if we want to stream on Twitch from PS4 . The first element of absolute importance is represented by the fact that no broadcasting software is required, be it OBS or Twitch Studio. In fact, it is sufficient to download the Twitch App found on the PlayStation Store on your console . Once downloaded and installed it will only take a few steps and you will be ready to stream. Let’s see them together.

The first step to do is to connect the console to Twitch , an operation for which you will have to activate two-factor authentication, which basically consists in entering an authorization to connect between the two profiles. Once 2FA is activated you will be able to access Twitch from the PS4 and configure streaming. First you will need to select and start the game you want to stream and click SHARE on the PS4’s DUALSHOCK wireless controller. The next window shows a series of preset channels and among them you will also find Twitch.

Stream to Twitch from Xbox

In this last part of the guide we see together how to stream on Twitch from Xbox . We talked about how Twitch is the home of streamers: for this reason streaming in gaming from consoles is easy and requires a few simple steps. Again, no software like OBS is needed, as there is a twitch app that can be downloaded for free from the Xbox Store . Once you have installed the app on your console you must first log into your account from a PC or any device, then you will have to start the app on the Xbox and press the login button.

You will then be prompted to open a specific link ( on your PC and enter the six-digit code generated by the Twitch app on the game console. At this point the Twitch account and the Xbox Live account will be associated. Now set your status to Online, otherwise your streams will not be visible to Twitch users. Some configurations are then necessary that Twitch automatically performs to check the speed of your transmission and possibly to activate the Kinetic webcam (the only one compatible with Xbox) which can broadcast games thanks to the picture in picture function, and the integrated microphone.


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