VPN stands for Virtual Private Network. This is a disguised connection that you don’t need to be an expert to use. In the text we will share the tricks and tell you how the services work, so that no one knows what you are doing on the Internet. And if they try to find out, they will only see a set of encrypted data.

VPN setup (L2TP / IPsec) for Android

It’s easier to set up a VPN on Android through the app. You need to download software that is safe in your opinion from Google Play Market and start installing.

To do this, open the application, following the prompts of the pop-up windows.

You need to allow the application to make changes in the phone settings and give the go-ahead for notifications.

An on-screen instruction will appear on how to enable VPN directly on your smartphone . According to the instructions, you should go to the settings, switch the slider, and the program will independently enter the data of its servers.

If you want to set up a VPN without installing an app, follow the instructions below.

  1. You need to ask your network provider or your VPN administrator for some data: name or login, password, server address.
  2. Open the settings and go to the “More” item, which is located immediately after the section with mobile networks. 
  3. There will be a graph with VPN, where you need to click “plus” in the upper right corner of the screen. 
  4. Enter data from your provider. 
  5. Select protocol (L2TP / IPsec) and save the entered settings.

VPN setup (L2TP / IPsec) for iPhone, iPad

The secure profile connection for iPhone does not differ from Android. You need to go to the application with “Settings”. The VPN is located immediately after “Modem Mode”. 

It is recommended to select the status “Not connected” ↔ “Connected”. The phone then connects to one of the preinstalled applications. It is advisable to download them in advance.

If you want to connect to a private secure network, you need to see “Add VPN Configuration”. The “Settings” will contain:

  1. Type: iKEv2 (IPsec or L2TP).
  2. Description.
  3. Server.
  4. Remote ID.
  5. Local ID.
  6. From authentication, you must enter a username or certificate and password.
  7. Proxy: Off, Manual, or Auto.

VPN services

Choosing a VPN is a delicate step. Google has many solutions: reviews, links to VPN services, as well as simple programs where beginners can set up a vpn for the Internet on Android and iPhone. When connecting to the Network, the traffic is encrypted and the Internet provider will not be able to limit the connection speed. For example, you urgently need to buy a virtual item from another country at a big discount or you need to connect to watching streaming broadcasts – it won’t throw it away.

Hackers will not be able to decrypt and get to personal data, passwords, bank cards. 

How vpn worksMore details
Source IP is hiddenWebsites determine the location of users and set access by geography, but by connecting, for example, to a vpn server in the USA, you will get an IP address from America
Built-in VPN protectionBlocking of inappropriate sites and ads. Such sites can infect with dangerous software or tracking files, which you can find out about when it’s too late.
Regular update of IP address databasesTo maintain confidentiality

Important : some of these services can be malicious – steal data, be slow, or annoying with annoying ads. 

Below is a selection of the best secure Android and iOS apps you can trust.


Offers access to a variety of content from foreign platforms. You can watch Netflix USA, share torrent files, play computer games at high speed. The split traffic tunneling function encrypts only those devices that are selected for vpn protection (5 simultaneously connected devices are available).

This is one of the most secure VPNs, and the installation of the application will take less than four minutes:

  • you need to download the program from Google Play or AppStore stores,
  • choose a tariff plan,
  • Create an account,
  • enter payment details,
  • confirm consent to change parameters,
  • connect to the selected server.

The service is paid, but a 30-day warranty is provided. If for any reason you don’t like this package, you can always cancel it during the trial period. The provider’s policy is loyal – in case of refusal, the funds are returned to the card account. 

How to install in three steps?

  1. On the main page of Express VPN, select a tariff.
  2. Download the application from the link that will come to the specified email address.
  3. Connect to the server by moving the slider to “on”.

Connecting to VPN from a mobile device and enabling the security protocol is done automatically.

CyberGhost VPN 

One of the best apps for a Romanian company to stream and connect to online content of any country with a good speed. There are 6,800 servers in the arsenal with a guarantee of security, privacy and new technologies. 

Users are invited to:

  • anonymity – the safety of private data online;
  • high throughput;
  • no tracking of user actions;
  • anonymity on all platforms;
  • 256-bit cipher;
  • DNS and IP leak protection.

Up to seven devices can be connected simultaneously per subscription. Fast and convenient service that includes: anonymous navigation, torrenting, streaming services through servers optimized for HD video streaming.

For review, it is proposed to connect one of the tariff plans, since there is no free or trial version. The “Give Back Money” action eliminates the possibility of financial loss if this option did not fit. After choosing a package from the offered tariff plans, you can connect to the required server in one click. 


The premium service is registered in Sweden with one free trial day. There is no need to enter payment information – after the expiration of the term, the funds will not be debited. It is a reliable and secure VPN, with unlimited traffic and bandwidth. Offers servers in over 60 countries, in particular:

  • Supports up to 6 powered devices at the same time,
  • protects against IPv6 leaks,
  • 2048 and 256-bit encryption,
  • emergency disconnection from the network.

The connection speed allows you to watch streams from a selected point in the world and there are no traffic logs. The only data that the service stores is the login and password, which is indicated during registration. Complete data confidentiality is guaranteed.

There is a large selection of servers on offer, but this is usually in Sweden as this country is quite forgiving of online privacy. The servers are often connected directly to the leading IP transit providers. You can change protocols as often as you see fit. 

How to start installation: 

  • on the site, you must select the term for which you want to subscribe;
  • register;
  • choose a payment method and platform;
  • click on the shortcut “Private VPN”;
  • enter your data in the window;
  • connect to the desired server.

The three options reviewed are recommended for those planning to use a reliable and honest service. A simple interface allows you to easily customize it to your liking, both on Android and iOS.


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