How to set parental control in Android smartphones?

children have access to smartphones. These phones are the source of both positive and negative content. How to control content on your phone not suitable for child? Read now!

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How to set parental control in Android smartphones?

Step by step guide to set parental control in Android smartphones

How to restrict inappropriate content from your child tab or smartphone?

From young people to adult, the technology has changed the life style completely. Our work, communication, and socialization have become digitized. With hundreds and thousands of useful apps, smartphone allows us to carry anything siting in your home or workplace. Where mobile phones keep our children safe like they can contact their parents in emergency or they can learn a lot using various educational apps, these devices also bring inappropriate content. Learning How to set parental control in Android smartphones can assist us to solve this issue.

How kids use smartphones?

The best way to monitor children mobile activities is to ask them different question about what they mostly do. It should be interactive rather interrogative. Being socializing with the child is the first step to tell their limits what to do or what not to do. Mostly, children use phones for games, homework, and solving their school assignments, but still you need to keep a check and balance and timings. To limit their unwanted mobile activities, here are some of suggestions that will surely help to parent a child in digital world.

Children have curious nature

Setting up parental control on Android phones

Children are tech-savvy now days. Even toddlers operate these digital devices that we cannot imagine sometimes. That is how they are learning from their surroundings. Apart from games, and other entertainment apps, kids sometime reach to the content that is not suitable for them.  It can be popped up in form of ads and spams also. Setting up parental control can minimize this risk.

Step by step guide to set parental control in Android smartphones

What I need to set a parental control in my phone?

  • The very first step to setup parental control is to have a Google Account ID. To set a Google Account ID, you can make a new account or utilize older one. If you want to sign up a new account for your child, you can generate it too.
  • Go to Google playstore app and tap it
  • Tap the menu button on the top left side
  • Once the side bar opens, tap the setting button
  • On setting menu, scroll down and go to parental control
  • Enable parental control by tapping the red button
  • A new window will appear asking pin
  • After giving pin you will access to the content you want to block
  • You can restrict apps, games, movies, and videos

How to prevent ads on smartphone?

Inappropriate ads while browsing internet or other online apps brings embarrassment and being a responsible parent, we do not allow such content to be visible for our children. So, how to stop the content not suitable for children?

  • Clear the cache from browser setting

Go to your browser settings, and clear the cache. It will stop notification popping out on your screen again and again

  • Uninstall the apps pushing such notifications

Sometimes we install apps for our convenience, but we don’t know that these apps are the main source of many other unwanted ads and content. If you are having this issue, go to the source of the ad you will get to know the root cause. Just uninstall that app and ads will disappear.

  • Notification from our allowed sites

When we browse through various sites online, we unconsciously allow notification. It allows search engine to send us concerned website’s notification again and again. To prevent this, go to the notification bar in Google settings, and turn of notification of that relevant app.

  • Enable safe browsing

It is a very useful method for safe browsing for children. Go to the Google settings option, and tap privacy bar, check with the “use safe browsing” bar. It will restrict content not suitable for children.

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