How to scan any barcode with a smartphone? (2021 Best Guide)

How to scan any barcode with a smartphone

How to scan any barcode with a smartphone? (2021 Best Guide)

Looking for a scanner for Android or iOS smartphones? Here is the solution

Almost everyone will surely have had to send scanned documents to someone or have to copy notes, finding ourselves in difficulty because maybe we do not have one of the classic computer scanners. We had to turn to a copy shop to provide for the digitization, thus lengthening the time for sending or returning the notes.

Well, now this problem is overcome thanks to our trusty smartphone that has replaced the old scanners of yesteryear, offering an even faster and more comfortable scanning.

Here’s how to scan with your mobile.

Scanning with Andoid is really easy. Many Android phones in the camera management software have a dedicated section, so just open the camera of your Smartphone, enter the various modes that the software provides and select Scan Document

At this point your smartphone is set to the scan option: by framing the sheets or documents, the mobile phone scanner will automatically detect the edges and once the artificial intelligence believes that it has delimited them in the best way, the scan will start automatically and will last simply the time of a photograph.

Scanner for Andoird and iPhone: here are which models it is integrated in

Scanning documents with Andorid is really simple because the option is present in all the top of the range and the most popular Android smartphones such as Huawei P30, Mate 20 Pro, Samsung Galaxy S10 , S9, but also many of the older models.

 Obviously there is also an iphone scanner: Apple’s camera allows document scanning and, to be honest, it was the first manufacturer to implement it on its iPhones and iPads. The application to use is Notes and is present on many of the iPhones currently in circulation ( iPhone X , XR , XS and also and of course on previous models).

What if the scanner is not included with the phone? The answer is the Google Scanner!

Another very simple way to digitize through your Android device is Google Drive . Not everyone knows, in fact, that the most used archiving and backup system in the world, which is often installed by default on many Android systems, has a function dedicated to digitizing, archiving and sharing paper documents.

In this case, simply open the Google package app , click on the [+] button located at the bottom right of the application and click Scan . It will open an interface identical to that of a normal camera and at this point all you have to do is frame the document to be scanned and click on the button in the shape of a circle at the bottom of the display.

Once this simple operation is done, your document will be digitized and saved in PDF, but if you have more sheets of a document that you need to add, don’t worry, Drive gives you the possibility to add more, simply by pressing the [+] key again which this time is will find at the bottom left and so you can add all the pages you want.

 Once the pages to be added are finished, all you have to do is click on the check √ located at the bottom right and you will get a PDF file containing everything you have photographed.

Even in Drive you will also have the possibility directly through the program to correct small imperfections if your photograph is not precise, by clicking on the ruler tool you can cut, refine the coloring and rotate your creation in order to make it as perfect as possible and to do not point out any difference between a scan made with the old system and one made with your mobile phone.

The Drive app is also available for iOS and on this platform it also supports digitization, but in a slightly different form. In fact, you will be able to take a photo of the documents you want to digitize, but you will not be able to make all the changes we have just listed.

The best Scanner Apps

In case your smartphone is not even equipped with Drive or for any reason it is not supported, you do not have to despair, because the Google Play Store and the application developers have thought of everything and obviously you will find a dedicated App that you can download and install on your device.

One of the most used of all is certainly Microsoft’s Office Lens which offers the possibility of scanning and transforming any type of paper document, blackboard, business card and so on and so forth into PDF or Word document, the program is one of the more used also because it is available in all stores for Android, iOS and even Microsoft 10 Mobile.

In conclusion: our smartphone is increasingly replacing office equipment and all this in a very compact device that we all now own and always have at hand, simplifying our life and our work. So if you too often have to digitize or scan documents around, make sure you are ready, check that there is one of these applications and proceed independently, you will save time and money.


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