How to save tax on mobile phones?Latest mobile phones tax update

FBR mobile tax list 2019 shows a significant increase in tax on mobile phones in Pakistan on import. Here we tell how you can save tax on mobile phones.

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How to save tax on mobile phones?Latest mobile phones tax update

Buying phones from local market can save customers from huge taxes


Tax on mobile phones in Pakistan on import has been increased on an incredible level. Government of Pakistan has taken some decisive steps to raise its revenue and to compete its current deficit; it has raised tax ratios on local and imported smartphones. Now if you are going to buy an imported phone or bring a phone from foreign country, you will have to pay a decent mobile tax in Pakistan. If you do not pay it, once you enter local sim, your phone will be blocked after 60 days.

Tax on mobiles in Pakistan airport

There are visible guidelines are given to pay tax on mobiles in Pakistan on import. Recently Federal Board of Revenue has also released its fbr mobile phone tax list. You can see this list in given link:

fbr mobile phone tax list is only for the assistance of international travelers. There is no facility at airport that collects pta tax on mobile devices. You can check in above given link that taxes on phones have been increased on a higher level.

So how can you save tax on imported mobile phones?

The best way to save tax on mobile phone in Pakistan on import is to buy local smartphones. Even if you are going outside, prefer to boost local market rather buying phones from abroad. It will save your money and it would be a positive step to preferring local smartphone market.

As you can see, fbr mobile phone tax list contains huge taxes. Although, these steps have been taken to stop illegal phone import, but there is another version too. There is a huge number of legal devices that leading phone manufacturing companies introduce here. These devices range from lower to higher price. You can find even better functions in it. Buying from your own country will impact local economy. In this way, you do not only save tax on mobile phone sin Pakistan on import but can buy a premium phone at quite attractive price too.


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