How to reset iPhone in 5 Minutes? (All iPhone Model Guide)

How to reset iPhone in 5 Minutes? (All iPhone Model Guide)
How to reset iPhone in 5 Minutes? (All iPhone Model Guide)

How to reset iPhone in 5 Minutes? (All iPhone Model Guide)

3 Best methods to Hard Reset Any iPhone Model in 2020

Restoring iPhone is a simple operation that can be done both through the computer and from the device itself. Find out how.

Restoring iPhone is an operation that can be carried out in different ways, both through PC or Mac and from the smartphone itself. This is a particularly useful procedure in case you want to sell the iPhone or if the device has slowdowns and errors that could be corrected through an iPhone reset.

To reset the iPhone, you can go to the iOS settings directly on the device, or use iTunes, updating the phone to the latest version of the operating system. The two operations are the same, but the time taken is different, since in the second case iTunes will have to download the most updated version of iOS and install it.

Also, you can restore iPhone in DFU mode , which is the recovery mode that allows a deeper reset of the iPhone. In fact, in this guide we will see how to restore the iPhone in all ways, using either the PC or the Mac or using only the phone. In the final part of the guide we will also see how to format iPhone , a very useful operation that involves deleting data from the iPhone.

Backup your iPhone first

Before restoring iPhone , the best thing to do is to backup your data, to keep a copy of everything on your smartphone. To do this you can follow our guide on how to backup iPhone , very useful in case you want to restore iPhone and recover your photos, videos, apps and settings that you had before the restore, as well as contacts, which are transferable. also in other ways, as we explained to you in this guide .

The iPhone backup is a very important and above all obligatory step if you use iTunes, since the Apple software will ask you to save the data before proceeding to restore the iPhone.

Download the software

To restore iPhone with iTunes you will first have to download the software, if you have a Windows PC, from the official Apple website or the Microsoft Store . If you are using a Mac, iTunes is installed by default on your notebook.

Remember that, just like the backup procedure, if you are using a Mac with macOS 10.15 Catalina version , the iPhone recovery procedure must be done from the Finder, since iTunes is not available in the most recent versions of Apple’s operating system. The steps, however, remain identical.

Once you have downloaded and installed iTunes, you are ready to start the iPhone recovery process . Connect the device to the computer using the lightning cable, authorize the connection between iTunes and iPhone (if required), and then proceed with making a backup of the data on the device.

Also select the item Transfer purchases from iPhone , under Files and Devices, to transfer apps, music and videos or movies purchased on iTunes, so as to have them available even after the restore.

After making the backup, a necessary step before restoring is the deactivation of the Find My iPhone function . To deactivate it, go to the Settings of the smartphone, select your name and then iCloud, and at this point tap on Find my iPhone . To disable the function just move the lever to Off and enter the password of your Apple ID. For iOS versions 10.2 or earlier, the path to disable the feature is Settings then iCloud and then Find my iPhone .

Once these steps are done, you are ready to restore iPhone. To proceed with the reset of the device, click on Restore iPhone on iTunes, accept the conditions of iOS, and wait for the procedure to end. iTunes will download the latest version for iOS and then restore the iPhone, and therefore the duration of the operation will also depend on the speed of your Internet connection.

Once the iPhone reset is complete, the software will notify you with a message, but you are not done yet. If you no longer need to use the iPhone, or prefer to use it as new, you can select the option to configure the device as a new iPhone . Alternatively, you can restore the previous backup and recover data, photos, videos and apps. If you choose the restore from backup option, iTunes will copy the files to the device and then sync it again. At this point you will have your smartphone at your disposal again, ready to use.

Restore iPhone with iTunes: summary

Below is a brief summary of the steps required to restore iPhone with iTunes:

  1. Download or open iTunes
  2. Connect iPhone to PC or Mac
  3. Make an iPhone backup and transfer purchases
  4. Turn off Find My iPhone
  5. Start the restore
  6. Configure the device as a new iPhone or restore a previous backup
  7. Restore iPhone: iOS

The procedure to restore iPhone with iOS certainly takes less time than the one using iTunes, since the latest version of the operating system will not be downloaded, but the operation will bring the device to the factory state.

Before proceeding with the restore, make sure you have activated the option to backup your data to iCloud . You can check if the option is active by going to Settings, your name, iCloud and then to iCloud Backup . At this point, see if the backup lever is on , connect the device to power and WiFi, and start a backup by clicking on Back up now . Wait for the data to be copied before proceeding further.

To avoid losing photos, videos and multimedia content, we recommend that you use the iCloud Photo Library and iCloud Music Library functions , two services that allow you to save your data to the cloud and retrieve it later. Alternatively you can choose to move them to PC or Mac in a more classic way, as described in this guide .

Even for iPhone recovery with iOS you will have to disable the Find My iPhone function to proceed.

Now you can start the iPhone recovery with iOS, and to do this you will have to go to the device Settings , select General and then Reset. To start the device reset, tap on the Initialize content and settings item , type your unlock code to give the ok to the procedure and then press Initialize iPhone .

Also in this case you will have to wait a few minutes for the procedure to complete. When the restore is complete, you will be forced to choose whether to set up the device as a new iPhone or to restore a previously made iCloud backup .

Restore iPhone with iOS: summary

Here is the summary of the steps to take to restore iPhone with iOS:

  1. Connect iPhone to the power source and WiFi
  2. Back up your data to iCloud
  3. Disable Find My iPhone
  4. Start the restore procedure
  5. Set up your device as a new iPhone or restore iCloud backup


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