How to report/block stolen mobile in Pakistan? Stolen phone imei guide

    how to report/ block stolen mobile phone in Pakistan by imei number online in Pakistan in 2019? Read our beginner’s guide to block mobil phone.

    how to report and block stolen phone in pakistan - phonebechdou

    How to report/block stolen mobile in Pakistan? Stolen phone imei guide

    A beginners guide to block mobile by imei number online Pakistan


    How to report or block stolen mobile phone in Pakistan by imei number online in Pakistan? Many people do not know to block stolen smartphone. That is why; the crime ratio of mobile stealing is increasing day by day. People do not know how to block stolen android phone or we can say they do not take much interest into it. Thieves take advantage of customer’s arrogance and keep selling stolen mobile devices.

    Although, there are multiple institution which are working hard to curb down mobile theft activities, but mobile owners also own a responsibility too. By following some radical steps, we can discourage all criminal activities related to mobile phone stealing.


    How to report stolen mobile phone in Pakistan?

    For instance, your mobile phone has been misplace or stolen, the very first step is to report stolen mobile phone device. So, concerned authorities will block imei no online instantly. It is very necessary to report the incident. Once, phone imei no is blocked, no sim will be operational on your mobile device.

    Block stolen mobile phone via these steps:

    1. Call on this helpline 0800-25625
    2. Send email to pta
    3. Visit pta head quarter or nearest pta zonal office
    4. You can also report stolen mobile phone to

    What things you need to provide to block stolen android imei no?

    A victim will provide following information to block his/her stolen device:

    • Both imei no of stolen mobile phone. If it is single sim then you you will send single imei no only
    • Mobile number was being used in phone
    • Mobile phone brand name
    • Owner name
    • Father/mother name
    • Place of incident
    • Cnic number of owner
    • Home address
    • Mobile number for communication
    • Mobile phone model and colour
    Now, you have submitted details of stolen mobile phone
    What is next?

    Once a person sends details of stolen mobile phone to block imei number online; next step is to check current status of your stolen device:

    You can check the current status of stolen mobile application by following methods after 16 working hours:

    • Send imei number to 8484
    • You can check mobile imei no status on following link too

    Pakistan Telecommunication Authority can only block mobile phone. It has not any authority to trace stolen mobile phone. If you want to trace stolen mobile phone in Pakistan, it is best way to report in nearest police station.

    You can check mobile phone imei number by dialing *#06#


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