How to remove unwanted programs from windows?
How to remove unwanted programs from windows?


The article tells what the accumulation of unnecessary programs and files on a laptop can lead to. It also provides detailed and simple instructions on how to remove them.

Why is this needed?

  • Useless software not only takes up space on the drive, but can also negatively affect the operation of the system as a whole, especially when there is too much of it. The consequences of the appearance of such programs on a laptop can be varied:
  • decreased productivity;
  • overheat;
  • the occurrence of system errors;
  • unplanned reboots and other failures.

Removal by system means

Uninstalling unnecessary applications is a method that does not require the installation of third-party software to remove unnecessary files from the computer.

Recommendation: Regardless of the method of uninstallation or the version of the OS, only those utilities should be deleted, the purpose of which the user is sure of, otherwise vital system files may be mistakenly deleted, which will disrupt the operation of the operating system.

How to clean a laptop in Windows 7, 10?

  1. Through “Start” you need to go to the control panel.
  2. Select “Remove Programs”.
  3. Mark unnecessary applications and erase them one by one by clicking on the line with the left mouse button (LMB) and marking “Delete”. 

In different versions of Windows, the item names may differ slightly, but the scheme is almost identical.

Removal using third-party software

You can remove irrelevant software with the help of various software. It can be Revo Uninstaller or a similar utility at the user’s discretion. The article deals with this one.

Revo Uninstaller
How to remove unnecessary applications from your computerHow to clean a laptop system from small debris
Launch the software and select the application to be erased using LMB.Select “Scan”.
Mark “Delete”.Wait until the software finds useless files.
When the program is ready for cleaning, confirm the action.Click “Select all” or put a checkmark on what you want to erase manually.
Click “Delete”.

Removing temporary files

They accumulate as you use your laptop and are completely useless. The accumulation of such trifles can significantly affect the speed of a computer system. This task can be handled using OS tools.

Instructions for cleaning a PC in Windows:

  1. “My computer”.
  2. In the list of disks, find the one that needs to be cleaned, move the cursor over it, and press the right button of the computer mouse / touchpad.
  3. In the menu that opens, select “Properties”.
  4. General tab → Disk Cleanup. Wait until the process of estimating the amount of files that can be deleted is completed. 
  5. View the list of files provided by the tool, and if none are needed, clicks “OK”. If you don’t want to delete something, you can just uncheck the box.
  6. Confirm actions.

In addition to the classic tools, you can use a third-party utility, for example, the free CCleaner.

How to clean a laptop from temporary files?

  1. Run the software, after which the “Cleaning” tab will open by default.
  2. If necessary, adjust the settings by unchecking unnecessary items in the list on the left, for example, if the user does not want to delete the search history.
  3. Click “Analysis”, wait for the scan to end and click “Cleanup”.

Tipwhen deleting, the basket will also be empty, so it is worth checking in advance if there is anything you need left there.

Also in the program you can clean the registry, set up auto run. By removing unnecessary applications from automatic download, you can also speed up your laptop.

Recommendationwhen choosing applications that need to be removed from AUTORUN, you should be more careful and remove only files that are not related to the operating system.

Erasing unused files, utilities are not difficult, and the performance of the laptop after that can increase. The problem can be solved both with classical, embedded in the operating system, means, and with the help of third-party software.


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