On the desktop, in the corner of the screen, an advertisement may pop up inviting you to an online casino or bookmaker’s office. Sometimes they offer to buy something. Antivirus sometimes ignores such things, since malicious software does not touch system files, does not delete anything. You can try to solve the problem yourself by going through the list of installed programs and autorun. An alternative cleaning method is to use special software. 

Remove Ads with Bitdefender Adware Removal Tool 

Users of Mac computers can use the tool for free for Windows costs $ 13 with the discount applies only to the first payment. Bitdefender engineers know how to disable annoying ads on a computer, the company promises 7/24 technical support. The application does not ask to register in the list of PC applications, does not start a showdown with the installed antivirus . To start the procedure for cleaning your computer from ads, just run the batch file and confirm the checkbox in the terms of use. 

Stages of the utility.

  1. Scanning.
  2. If threats are found, the user removes from the list those that do not interfere with adequate computer operation.
  3. The user gives the command to remove the remaining adware. 

The program has proven itself well in the fight against malicious software that changes browser settings. Correcting such errors has a good effect. By the way, you can turn off notifications in Chrome yourself. This is often enough to solve the problem. Bitdefender also makes it possible to remove unnecessary panels in the Internet viewer. In general, a jack of all trades.

Remove ads with HitmanPro 

The developer asks for $ 25 for the utility. You can use the free period to make sure it works. HitmanPro is a program for removing intrusive ads from your computer, which, like Bitdefender, does not require installation. They have a similar working principle. The developer highlights 5 advantages of HitmanPro.

  1. Small size. You can download it in a couple of seconds.
  2. The ability to search for new threats that have not yet been registered in the databases of anti-virus software developers.
  3. The use of four databases of malicious programs.
  4. Returns the original versions of damaged system files.
  5. Deep cleaning. Checking the files involved in the operation of the OS. 

The application is compatible with other security software. HitmanPro is a Russified utility that works only under Windows, there is no Mac version. The program copes well with Trojans. 

Sometimes a user downloads some useful software from a dubious source and installs ads on his computer along with it. HitmanPro helps to rid the PC of this scourge. Before the procedure, you can create a backup restore point to roll back in case of failure.

Remove ads with Zemana AntiMalware 

The Zemana site, unlike the two previous utilities, does not offer to immediately buy the paid version. You can just download the installer and use an anti-virus anti-adware. After starting the batch file, a window will appear in which you will need to select the path for installing the program or leave the default option. 

Key settings in the “Options” section. Here you can choose what to do with viruses by default: delete or send to quarantine. It is safer to choose the second option. Regarding the two remaining fields: select scan at startup and send anonymous statistics. 

Smart protection and browser cleaning are enabled by default in the main program window. The first point implies the use of neural networks, thoughtful algorithms, etc. The developer uses modern technology to remove aggressive ads from PC. 

Utility benefits:

  • simple russified interface,
  • cloud scanning,
  • compatibility with the installed antivirus. 

The program even finds a substitution of the search page in browsers. You can go to an additional window for each threat to determine the source of the problem and make the right decision.

Remove Ads with Avast Free Antivirus 

Avast Antivirus is popular with users looking for effective and free solutions to prevent virus threats. The developer also has a commercial version, but the application has become popular precisely because of the company’s policy of offering a decent entry-level product. It is difficult to call Avast a program for removing unfair advertisements from a computer: after all, this software was created for comprehensive PC protection. Antivirus can prevent infection, but removing ads is just problematic. If you don’t get hung up on fighting ads, then Avast is a great choice. 

According to the main indicators, Avast and NOD32 are close, but Avast can be installed for free and use it as much as you like. The only drawback of the application is that it may be difficult to remove it. On the other hand, it is also not easy for viruses to cope with it, usually Avast has time to neutralize all threats in time.

Remove ads with AdwCleaner 

The ad and malware blocker AdwCleaner does not require installation. The utility’s strengths include a simple and intuitive interface. With its help, you can remove banner ads from your PC in a couple of clicks. 

AdwCleaner checks system services, files, shortcuts, etc. After scanning, it makes sense to view the found, evaluate the finds. The program loves to delete Yandex data and all manner of annoying The first resource can be a source of pop-up ads. After working, AdwCleaner informs about the need to reboot to correctly delete data. First, blocking occurs, and then the list of suspects is sent to quarantine. The troublemakers can be restored or removed permanently. 

The main advantages of the utility:

  • a thorough check from the system registry to RAM ,
  • scanning takes less than 5 minutes,
  • advanced virus scanning methods are used.

After removing ads using AdwCleaner or any other specialized utility, some Windows or browser settings may fly off. Therefore, users who seek to ensure the survivability of the OS should not forget about the possibility of rolling back using the system restore point.


Summing up the topic of how to remove annoying ads from a computer, we note the feasibility of prevention. First, the computer must have an antivirus. Secondly, you should be careful when installing questionable software, hacking patches, etc. Third, the automatic creation of system restore points should be enabled.


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