How to register mobile in PTA? – PTA mobile phone registration

This guide to register mobile in PTA explains the abc of phone registration with PTA in Pakistan and how to pay tax for unregistered mobiles.

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How to register mobile in PTA?-PTA mobile phone registration

An ultimate Guide for local public to pay tax against unregistered mobiles

What is PTA?

PTA stands for Pakistan Telecommunication Authority that regulates and observes telecommunication system in Pakistan.

 What is PTA mobile phone registration system?

PTA mobile phone registration system was introduced in 2018. According to this system, every mobile phone user in Pakistan will register phone in PTA by sending IMEI no.

Why PTA phone registration was introduced?

Pakistan is on of the largest countries where phone users are increasing day by day. Unfortunately, Government received a number of complaints regarding illegal mobiles working in Pakistan. According to the procedure, you need to pay tax on imported phones. But there were a huge number of imported devices working in Pakistan without paying duties. So to curb down illegal mobile phone import, PTA introduced mobile phone registration system.

How to verify phone registration with PTA?

To verify phone registration with PTA, go to message, write your IMEI no, and send to 8484.

You can also check phone registration status by visiting the following link. Just write IMEI no and click “check”.

How to check IMEI no of mobile for phone registration in PTA?

To receive IMEI no of the device, you will dial *#06# from your mobile dialing pad.

How to register mobile in PTA?

Follow these easy steps for PTA phone registration (for local phone users who are willing to pay tax for phone registration)

Step 1

  • Go to PTA website for phone registration
  • Once you access website, click on “online mobile phone registration”
  • A login page window will appear, you will register yourself first by signing up.
  • There will be two options in the form (Purpose and User)
  • In purpose, you will select “personal/individual”
  • In user, select “Pakistani(local international traveler)
  • After selecting categories, fill in the form for phone registration.
  • In CNIC option, write your CNIC no
  • In Passport option, write your passport no, if you don’t have a passport, just skip it.
  • After filling password, submit the form
  • PTA will send you a verification email on your given email address for mobile registration with PTA
  • You will click on verify email
  • A new login page will appear to register phone with PTA

Step 2

Now you have created your account with PTA to register mobile phone.

  • Write your email in username
  • Fill password tab and login
  • After Login a new window will appear where you will read declaration carefully before registering phone in PTA.
  • After reading all instructions, click “Register my device”
  • In user type, you will select second option, “ mobile registration to pay duty tax”
  • Write your contact no
  • Select the type of SIM/ single or dual
  • Write IMEI no of mobile to register mobile phone with PTA. To check IMEI no, we have written the method to check mobile IMEI no in the beginning of guide how to register mobile in PTA.
  • After writing IMEI no, you will submit it.

Step 3

  • A new window will appear, it will display all information you have given to PTA for mobile registration.
  • There will be a “COC” option. You will save COC details. It is very important to register mobile phone in PTA.
  • COC details will display the exact amount you need to pay as duty.
  • You can submit this amount in any bank by showing them COC details.

How would I know, my phone has been registered or not in PTA?

Once you submit phone duty in banks, the process of phone registration in PTA will begin. You can check it by sending IMEI no to 8484.

Can I deposit phone tax for phone registration through ATM or online banking?

Yes, one can deposit phone tax through online banking or ATM to register phone with PTA instantly by giving PSID code.


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