How to pair Samsung galaxy buds with latest Samsung smartphones?

Samsung galaxy buds
Samsung galaxy buds

How to pair Samsung galaxy buds with latest Samsung smartphones?

With the Galaxy Buds Series Samsung offers its own True Wireless headphones on de m to market. We show Di r, as you, the Samsung Galaxy Buds, Buds Buds + or live with your Android smartphone and other devices can connect. 

The Samsung Galaxy Buds are basically normal Bluetooth headphones that can be connected to any Bluetooth-enabled device. The main difference is the range of functions. With any Android smartphone you can the Galaxy Bud s easily connect, without losing important features.   

Connecting Samsung Galaxy Buds, Buds + and Buds Live: This is how it works with the app 

Before   Galaxy Buds connect  can, should you ensure that they  be  charged in the  charging case  are. Usually the charge is sufficient for coupling after the first unpacking . Also,  Bluetooth  should be on  D enabled Android smartphone.     

Thus  D and  the full functionality of  D can use a True wireless headphones, have  you now the app  Samsung wearable (Samsung Gear)  download from the Google Play Store . The app is installed, ge he  as follows:  

  1. Start the  ” Samsung wearable (Samsung Gear) ” – app. 
  2. Place or hold the Galaxy Buds next to  D a  smartphone and  open the  charging case . 
  3. Select the applicable  Galaxy Buds model from the list .  
  4. The app  needs some system permissions for pairing , accept these. 
  5. If Bluetooth is not on  whether n,  appears  a pop up again for it.  
  6. Now the Galaxy Buds should be found automatically. You may need to tap the displayed model again. 

Expectant e n  headset  is not found, you can get it again in the  pairing mode enable, by moving the flap of the loading cases closing t and open your back. 

Connect the Galaxy Buds to the Samsung smartphone

If you have a Samsung cell phone, setup is easier. Newer Galaxy smartphones  (eg a Galaxy S10.)  Have not only been the necessary apps, but cut the process significantly from:   

  1. Turn on  bluetooth  . 
  2. Hold the Galaxy Buds in the case next to the Galaxy smartphone and open the flap. 
  3. After a moment, a pop-up appears on the smartphone which the nearby detected home Ears displays.  
  4. Just tap Connect to pair. 
  5. The wearable app opens and done  earbuds  is displayed directly. 
  6. May need and subsequently some permissions granted. 

In older Samsung Galaxy phones must down the wearable App can manually loaded.  

Pairing Samsung Galaxy Buds without an app: This is how it works with other devices

If you want to pair the Galaxy Buds, Buds + or Buds Live with a device that does not support  the wearable app  (e.g. smartwatch, PC, television) , you can do this in the classic way via the Bluetooth settings.


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