How to make money online on instagram in 2019 with zero investment

how to make money online on Instagram in 2019 in Pakistan without investment? Read the best way to earn money online at home in Pakistan.

how to make money on instagram zero investment - phonebechdou

How to make money online on Instagram in 2019 with zero investment

2 practical ways to earn money without investment on Instagram

How to make money online on Instagram in 2019 with zero investment is an exciting topic. Everyone wants to make some extra bucks without any investment. Moreover, easy earning is human passion. According to human psyche, he/she wants to live a lavish life without doing much effort. Regular jobs and physical work is not much appreciated neither these sources are the good medium of earning handsome amount of money.  So how to make money online being at home without investment?

Today I have brought to you 3 practical ways to make money online using Instagram in 2019. You are not required to go anywhere. Just read the simple instructions, do them regularly, and that’s all.

Things to do before starting earning on Instagramhow to make money on instagram - phonebechdou

Profile exposure is everything

  • Who are you?
  • What are you selling?
  • What is your niche?
  • Who is your targeted audience?
  • For whom you are struggling to build your profile?

These are the most basic questions and points that will help you to build a compelling profile. It shouldn’t be mixture of various products. You need to streamline your Instagram profile to earn money online. Subsequently, it depends a lot on your choice on selecting niche of the industry. That is why, hold a comprehensive plan before launching your campaign to make money online on Instagram at your home in 2019.

Moreover, don’t forget to exercise following points if you really want to make money on fast track online on any social media platform particularly Instagram.

  1. Post content regularly
  2. Capture great photos
  3. Find relevant hashtag and use them in your posts
  4. Engage with your audience and followers by asking them questions and opinions. Also appreciate their views. You can maintain reviews and suggestion surveys too

So, lets start with the 3 practical ways to earn money online without investment

1-Make money online in Pakistan with affiliate marketing

Affiliate marketing is the biggest and efficient way to earn money remaining at home. For this purpose, you need to build a mass of relevant niche audience that is interested in the industry you are posting content about. You might have understood that why I have insisted on building a compelling profile.

I am sharing with you some of the best affiliate mediums for whom you can work for:

2- Find sponsors

For instance, if your niche is fashion than you have a vast industry to work for. If you have mass flow of relevant audience and you are creating compelling content on regular basis, you can definitely earn money on Instagram without any investment. You can get sponsors easily who will pay you for their marketing posts.

There are some other ways too that will help you in making money on instgram like selling your account or selling photos. But these ways are not a good source od income. What I have mentioned are the two best ways that will surely assist you in earning money online.


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