How to install iOS 14? (iOS 14 Compatible devices 2020)

How to install iOS 14? (iOS 14 Compatible devices 2020)
How to install iOS 14? (iOS 14 Compatible devices 2020)

How to install iOS 14? (iOS 14 Compatible devices 2020)

The new version of Apple’s system for iPhones and iPods was released this morning. Find out which devices are compatible and how to download them!

The Apple released the first public beta of iOS 14 in July this year, which brought several new features for the iPhone, such as widgets and an application to make translations. The Look Digital came to test this system version and showed how their main new features in this review.

Already today, Apple released the stable version of iOS 14, which can be downloaded by any iPhone owner, unlike the last version that could present bugs and was more intended for developers. Next, here’s how to install iOS 14 on the iPhone.


The download of iOS 14 for iPhones and iPods is being released gradually, meaning it may take a while before it appears for everyone.

List of compatible devices

Before proceeding with the step by step below, it is necessary to know if your device is compatible with iOS 14. So, see the model list of iPhones and iPods compatible with the new version of the Apple system:

  • iPhone SE (1st and 2nd generation);
  • iPhone 6s;
  • iPhone 6s Plus;
  • iPhone 7;
  • iPhone 7 Plus;
  • iPhone 8;
  • iPhone 8 Plus;
  • iPhone X;
  • iPhone XR;
  • iPhone XS;
  • iPhone XS Max;
  • iPhone 11;
  • iPhone 11 Pro;
  • IPhone 11 Pro Max;
  • IPod Touch (7th generation).

Depending on your device model, some new features in iOS 14 may not be available for your device.


Before proceeding with the installation of iOS 14 on your device, it is recommended that you make a backup of it in order to avoid data in the process. As stated above, iOS 14 stable will be released for download only tomorrow (16).

How to install iOS 14?

The easiest way to install iOS 14 is directly via the device, since the system download is a bit large and, therefore, it is recommended to be on a stable Wi-Fi connection. See the step by step:

1. From the iPhone’s home screen, go to “Settings” and go to “General”;

2. Tap “Software Update” and Download and Install “;

3. Perform the requested authentication and accept the terms of use of the system in order to proceed;

4. Wait for your download to be performed and restart the device when prompted.

Ready! You now know how to install iOS 14 on your iPhone or other Apple devices.


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