How to increase battery life? Laptop Battery saving tips 2021

how to increase battery life of laptop
how to increase battery life of laptop

How to increase battery life? Laptop Battery saving tips 2021

The laptop battery can withstand ≈ 500-1000 charge / discharge cycles. This is several years of trouble-free battery life without constantly looking for a power outlet or buying a new battery. But its life can be significantly reduced if you do not adhere to the elementary rules of operating the device itself and its battery. Here’s how not to kill your laptop battery.

Do I need to discharge the battery

It is not recommended to discharge the battery to zero. It is better to connect the laptop to the network with a charge of at least 10-20% to avoid unnecessary load on the battery. 

When using the laptop, the battery goes through recharge cycles. 1 cycle not always = 1 charge. Only when the battery is powered from 0 to 100%. 

Upon reaching a certain number of cycles, the battery life of the laptop decreases. What’s the best way to use your laptop battery? Keep the charge between 50 and 80%. 

Many manufacturers have provided the ability to automatically monitor battery charging. This is done using proprietary progs. For example, in Asus laptops there is a preinstalled Battery Health Charging utility, which allows users to choose one of three operating modes of the battery: full power (100%), balanced (80%), maximum service life (60%).

We’ll talk about other programs for managing the power of akka laptop below.

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Tips to Extend Your Laptop Battery Life

1. Adjusting the power settings You

will have to switch to power saving mode. It determines the time when the screen turns off when the user is not active. The shorter this period, the more battery charge can be saved.

2. Dimming the brightness

Backlighting a laptop , such as 2F3G0EA or any other, consumes a lot of energy. Use the F1 and F2 keys to decrease / increase the brightness.

3. Turn off for the night

Just slamming the laptop cover is not enough. It is advisable to spend a couple of seconds pressing the off button. – and the system will pay back by clearing the cache and a device well “rested” for the night.

4. Hibernation, not sleep

When a laptop like the 81YH00NSRA is in sleep mode, it continues to use memory and battery power. Going into hibernation, the device remembers the current state and completely turns off the power supply.

5. Getting rid of garbage

Superfluous slows down the system, makes it spend more time and energy for processing and executing user commands. Therefore, we do not regret the cache and unnecessary files. We delete without hesitation.

6. Disable unused devices

For example, usbi, external hard drive, webcam . All these gadgets, even when not in use, draw valuable energy from the laptop.

7. We cut down Wi-Fi and Bluetooth. They are

constantly looking for an opportunity to connect to other gadgets, which takes a lot of energy. If you don’t need a wireless connection right now, deactivate both functions.

8. We organize comfortable conditions

How to take care of the laptop battery so that it does not suffer? We protect the device from direct sunlight, do not install it in damp rooms, near heat sources (heater, battery). Notebook works best at moderate temperatures. Heat or extreme cold makes the battery actively use energy, requiring recharging faster.

In addition, the unit needs a constant supply of fresh air through the ventilation holes. Therefore, we remove the laptop from our knees, bed and other surfaces, which impedes the access of the air flow.

You can and should use specials coasters . They provide heat removal and air flow to the laptop, eliminating overheating. Models can be equipped with backlighting and additional usbishny ports, like 21962_TRUST or “Riser” stand , have other chips.

Battery Care

Will tell general information about the battery: capacity, current charge, discharge cycles, wear, last calibration date, CPU and CDM temperature, etc. You can select a power plan, set the display shutdown time.


It will provide data on the charging and operating time of the battery , its capacity, voltage, the number of recharge cycles, etc. The utility will inform you when the battery charge has dropped below the specified value. The mini-program allows you to build a graph and analyze battery performance.


It will inform you about the full and current capacity of the battery, the approximate operating time at this rate, the degree of wear of the battery, etc. Keeps a log of the use of the battery, updated automatically.

BatteryInfoView for laptop battery

There are other similar programs freely available on the internet. To install, just download the utility. The installation process is elementary: click on the downloaded file, accept the user agreement and press “next”. Wait until the end of the process. The utilities have a simple, intuitive interface (even non-Russianized versions).

Owners Macs from Apple can also control the “aging” of the battery using such prog as coconutBattery or MONIT widget. Allows you to track the age and condition of the battery, notifies when it is time to charge.


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