How to get ‘Watch Dogs 2’ for free on PC (latest Update)

How to get 'Watch Dogs 2' for free on PC (latest Update)
How to get 'Watch Dogs 2' for free on PC (latest Update)

How to get ‘Watch Dogs 2’ for free on PC (latest Update)

How to get ‘Watch Dogs 2’ for free on PC?

Near the launch of the third game in the franchise, ‘Watch Dogs 2’ is free for a limited time at Epic Games. Here’s how to download it!

The Watch Dogs series had its first game released in 2014, and it caught the attention of many people because of the possibility of hacking devices within the game and even spying on people. Despite having received a lot of criticism due to some mechanics, the game received a sequel in 2016 and is about to have another title released this year already ready for the new generation of video games.

And, the good news for the time is that Epic Games is giving away “Watch Dogs 2”for free in its online computer games store for a limited period of time. Next, here’s how to get “Watch Dogs 2”for free on PC.


The ” Watch Dogs 2 ” was released for free today (17) at noon and can be obtained in this way until the the same time of day September 24 (Thursday) . Here, it’s worth remembering, once the game is in your library, you’ll be able to play it forever.

How to get Watch Dogs 2 for free on PC?

The process for obtaining Watch Dogs 2 is quite simple, but in addition to Epic Games, you will also need to have Uplay installed on your machine to play it. Check step by step:

1. Access the Epic Games homepage in the browser of your choice;

2. In “Free games”, click on “Watch Dogs 2”;

3. On the game page, next to its description, click on “See offers”;

4. Now, click on “Get”;

5. Log in with your Epic Games account. If not, create a new one;

6. On the order screen, confirm the data and click on “Place Order”;

7. Wait for the order confirmation message and, if not, click on the button indicated to download the Epic Games client;

8. On the client, click on “Library” and select “Watch Dogs 2” to download it. The installation of the Uplay client will be done automatically when running the game for the first time through Epic Games.

Ready! Now you know how to get Watch Dogs 2 for free on PC.


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