How to free up space from your android phone?

free up space from your android phone

How to free up space from your android phone?

Best ways to clean android phone internal storage

Introduction to phone storage system

There are various methods to free up space from an android phone but how to approach the hidden and duplicate files and folders? It is not about the size of memory you have, at the end it is being loaded every day. Whether you are browsing or installing various files; it filling up phone storage. In this article, “how to free up space form android phone” we exactly describe the types of phone memory and how to clean junk files and folder to get extra space.

Latest smartphones come with minimum 32GB of internal memory along with card storage option to solve extra space problems. But within few weeks, our phone displays phone memory full option that looks quite annoying. By limiting our phone operations, we try to sort out this problem applying best android phone space cleaning methods. Everyone needs to read this as no matter your phone comes with 64GB or 512GB, it will end soon.

What are the types of memory system android phone have?

There are basically two types of memories working in a smartphone:

  1. RAM
  2. Internal memory

What is the function of RAM?

RAM is the main component that stores command and helps you to find the required data as soon as possible. It works with internal memory where apps and other phone data are stored. Bigger the RAM, better and faster the operations will be.

How to clean up smartphone RAM?

Why you need to clean smartphone RAM? The reason is, if it remains loaded every time, it performance will be slow. Most of the people remain satisfied that their phones come with 4, 6, or 8GB of RAM that is why their smartphones cannot get lazy. It is wrong, once phones’ RAM is loaded with extra apps, it will bottleneck phone’s performance.

4 best methods to cleanup smartphone RAM?

  1. First of all, go to the setting and tap apps.
  2. The new window will pop up the list of apps you have installed in your phone.
  3. See each app individually and uninstall if it is no under your use further. It is the best way to boost RAM’s performance.
  4. Disable apps that you use rarely. Only enable them when they are required to perform some task.

Than restart your device and observe a major difference.

How to clean android phone internal storage?

Internal storage of an android phone works quite similar as a computer’s hard drive the only difference is size. It is the place where your all huge system files are stored.  If you require extra space just check with the following steps to free up space from your smartphone:

  1. Go to the download folder, delete all unnecessary files
  2. Now, go to the settings, select apps and clear app data one by one
  3. Delete unwanted apps
  4. Clear cached data of each app individually. It is one of the best methods to clear up smartphone space.
  5. Transfer huge apps and download to SD card.

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