How to enable whatsapp dark mode on Apple, windows, and pc 2020?

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How to enable whatsapp dark mode on Apple, windows, and pc 2020?

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Android beta users can already test it – now iPhone users can also enjoy the so-called dark mode in Messenger WhatsApp

How to enable whatsapp dark mode?

Users of the Android beta version have been able to use eye-friendly dark mode in WhatsApp messenger for a few weeks – owners of an iPhone had to be satisfied with the bright version so far. Now iPhone users can also enjoy the darkened mode.

Dark Mode is now available for all WhatsApp users who have downloaded the beta version 2.20.30 of the messenger via Apple’s TesFlight app .

WhatsApp dark mode ios 13whatsapp dark modeIn contrast to Android, Apple users do not have the option of simply registering themselves as beta testers – iOS users first have to apply or be invited for certain apps using Apple Testflight.

Please note that a limited number of users are only released for the beta for a certain period of time.

How can I choose dark mode?

WhatsApp users can choose between the design options “Light” and “Dark” in the settings – the Messenger adapts to the system settings of the iPhone.

What dark mode means for eyes and battery?

More and more apps and operating systems are offering so-called dark mode, in which the background is dark and the text is bright. Users expect this to protect the battery and the health of their eyes.

Effects of dark mode on eye health

When using dark mode, many users rely on doing something good for their health and putting less strain on their eyes. But what’s really wrong with the claim that dark mode is better for our visual organs?

  • The dark mode makes the eyes tired less quickly, but this only applies if the environment in which you are located is also dark. In a bright environment, dark mode can even be counterproductive.
  • A dark screen can then be more difficult to read, which is more stressful for our eyes and can lead to faster eye fatigue.
  • Concentrated gazing at a screen, whether in light or dark mode, also causes us to blink less, which causes the eyes to dry and burn.
  • The harmfulness of blue light to our eyes has not been scientifically confirmed, just as the protection of the eyes by a dark design.
  • However, bright screens emit a high proportion of blue light. This ensures that the hormone melatonin is released, which disrupts our sleep. So dark designs can improve our sleep.
  • In general, it should be noted that the light from the devices does not damage the eyes, but the short distance to them promotes myopia.
  • So if you really want to take care of your eyes, you should always take short breaks from the screen and look as far away as possible, this will prevent your eyes from drying out and prevent nearsightedness.

Protection of the battery by the dark mode

In addition to relieving the strain on the eyes, dark mode should also be good for the device battery, since less power is consumed. However, this is only partially true, because it is important to distinguish between LCD and OLED screens.


LCD screens: With these, each pixel is illuminated regardless of the color, which is why the use of dark mode makes no noticeable difference in power consumption.

OLED screens: They are mainly found in higher-priced devices, such as the iPhone X. These can benefit from dark mode, since only the pixels that are used are illuminated and those in dark areas are simply switched off, which means that less power is used.

Conclusion: Not everyone can save electricity with a dark mode on their device, if you value the fact that the battery lasts long, you have to spend more money beforehand and invest in a product with an OLED screen.

whatsapp dark mode ios 13- how to enable whatsapp dark mode android?

Apps and devices for which a dark mode is available

The trend is towards dark fashion: Instagram has recently jumped on this bandwagon and there are more and more, also for WhatsApp and Facebook is currently working on a dark fashion.

  • Android devices (from Android 9 or 10)
  • iPhones and iPads (from iOS 13)
  • Windows PCs (from Windows 10)



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