How to enable the ‘color overlay’ filter on iOS?

How to enable the 'color overlay' filter on iOS?
How to enable the 'color overlay' filter on iOS?

How to enable the ‘color overlay’ filter on iOS?

The iPhone system has a filter so you can force your eyes less when using the device in a dark environment. Here’s how to activate it!

Nowadays it is increasingly common that you end up spending long periods using your cell phone for different tasks . Although they help a lot on a daily basis, without your realizing it, over time, your vision ends up being impaired , especially when they are being used in a place with low lighting.

To alleviate some of this problem, in addition to the dark mode , iOS also has a filter called “color overlay”, which by leaving the screen a little red, makes you do not force your eyes when looking at the display in a dark environment. Next, here’s how to enable the “color overlay” filter on iOS.


Unlike the night mode, which only works on specific parts of the system and in certain programs, the “color overlay filter” works on the entire system, that is, it works on any part of the system until it is deactivated. This function is available for Apple devices running iOS 11 or higher.

In the tutorial images below, it is worth noting, it is not possible to see how the “color overlay” filter is in action, since iOS saves screenshots as if no filters were being used in it.

How to enable the “color overlay” filter on iOS?

The process to activate this filter on iOS is quite simple, but it is somewhat hidden in your accessibility settings. Check out:

  1. Access the iOS “Settings” menu and go to “Accessibility”;
  2. 2. Now, go to “Screen and Text Size” and go to “Color Filters”;
  3. 3. Activate the key next to “Color Filters” and select the “Color overlay” option. In this screen, it is worth noting, you can also set the level of intensity of the filter.
  4. To activate this filter more easily after performing the above procedure, you can also create a shortcut for it. To do this, follow this step by step:
  5. 1. Access the “iPhone Settings” menu and go to “Accessibility;

2. Then, go to “Accessibility Shortcuts” and tap on “Color filters” to leave this function enabled;

3. From that moment, with three taps on the home or side button on your iPhone, the “color overlay” mode will be activated.

Ready! You now know how to use iOS’s “color overlay” filter to force your eyes less when using your iPhone in a low-light location.


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