How to earn money from youtube in 2019 without any investment?

how to earn money from youtube in 2019? Read this guide to learn best ways to make money on youtube with/ without AdSense.

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How to earn money from youtube in 2019 without any investment?

A beginner’s guide to learn various ways of making money from youtube views


How to make money from youtube in 2019 using smartphone? Actually, there are a number of ways of earning money online. You can make money using various apps, social media channels, and much more methods are there that you can make a handsome amount without much effort.

Since the world is progressing, the concept of office job is fading. Now, in current times, people prefer to work as freelance. Subsequently, it sounds good to work in your order without struggling.

In this article, I am going to be specific about online earning using a very popular video channel: YouTube. Moreover, anyone can do it by a simple gadget: smartphone.

Popular ways of making money on youtube in 2019:

  1. how to earn money from youtube views
  2. how to make money on youtube 2019
  3. how to earn money from youtube without adsense

How to earn money from youtube views?

Youtube partner program is the core element to earn money from this channel. No matter how many videos you are uploading, the most important thing is whether you are the part of youtube partner program or not.

What is youtube parner program?

It is very interesting. Youtube doesn’t directly offer any money to youtuber until it is sure that the channel is getting enough views from audience. Once, you reach that goal that youtube expects from you; you are at the right point where youtube management will contact you itself. There is no obvious money plans for youtubers. When you become the part of partner program all terms and conditions are revealed later.

So, the very first step to earn money online on youtube is to create channel and get to the audience for maximum views. Remember, youtube is monitoring your channel. If you are working on the right way, you are getting views; you will get real money from youtube.

2- How to make money on youtube 2019?

Make a channel which offers gadgets reviews

You might have noticed that there are a lot of mobile phone reviews channels. These channels make new mobile phone reviews and post it on youtube. Have you ever thought that why they are doing so? Yes, they are offering us useful information but they are also earning handsome money from it. For instance, they earn huge reviews and also start marketing and branding of smartphone companies.

If you have a huge fan following on your youtube channel and working on specific niche; relevant companies contact you for branding. So there are many many ways that can generate a lot of revenue. You need to be little tricky and expert in what you are selling.

3- How to earn money from youtube without adsense?

Making money with adsense on youtube is the most difficult way. Because adsnese brings a complex and long awaited path to earn few bucks. Subsequently, you need to focus on lot of things. For instance, if you are starting a new channel and it has started producing few thousand views, it is not necessary that you will be earning from youtube.

Adsense requires a lot of effort. You need a proper watchtime, subscribers and a specific niche to earn money online on youtube with adsense. Moreover, the rates of ads, and how much ads you will be getting is a long topic.

There is another way where you can earn money on youtube without adsense: youtube affiliation. Through youtube affiliation, you can affiliate your channel with popular brands. You will provide reviews and do branding and marketing. Because you will be promoting affiliate company products/ services; you will be paid for this.

Now, how to become a youtube affiliate to earn money?

You need to strictly observe following points:
  • Create channel and add keywords describing channel niche
  • Upload engaging high quality video content t
  • Content should be relevant to niche
  • Video should be decorated with specific keywords
  • Upload videos constantly
  • Market your videos on other social media channels

Hopefully this guide to earn money from youtube in 2019 without any investment will benefit you to understand the most basic concept of earning from youtube. Although it doesn’t describe everything thoroughly but we shall bring to you a number of beginners guide that will teach you the different ways of making money from youtube in easy words.



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