How to download videos from youtube on smartphone? 2020 Guide

How to download videos from youtube on smartphone
How to download videos from youtube on smartphone

How to download videos from youtube on smartphone? 2020 Guide

4 Best Methods to download any youtube video in your phone

Let’s see how to download videos from Youtube on your smartphone via Youtube Premium for a fee or with free third-party applications.

Youtube is an inexhaustible source of videos of all kinds, every day on its platform over 65,000 new contents are uploaded by users and over 1 billion hours of content are viewed. But let’s see how it works and how to download youtube videos .

The viewing of these videos can take place through any browser or from the official Youtube application for mobile devices and since it uses streaming streams, only online. But with some tricks it is possible to download videos of any type from youtube to view them easily even in off-line mode, without being connected to the internet.

But what if you want to download them to a phone or tablet? Is there an option in the app or do I need to install some software?

The simplest, but most expensive way is to subscribe to Youtube Premium . Using the official YouTube app is the fastest way to download movies, music videos, and other YouTube content. But there are also alternative ways, clearly not well-liked by Google.

4 Best methods to download youtube videos online

  1. Download youtube videos with YouTube Premium
  2. Download videos with YouTube Downloader
  3. How to install Youtube downloader APK for Android?
  4. How to download with Youtube Downloader?

Download youtube videos with YouTube Premium

One of the main advantages of the YouTube Premium platform, in addition to not displaying advertisements, is that it allows users to download videos to watch when they do not have or cannot have an active Internet connection, either with an Android or iOS smartphone or tablet. allows you to play videos in the background, even when opening other apps.

It allows you to try the service for 1 month, after which a monthly fee of 2200 pkr will be applied and also includes a subscription to YouTube Music Premium.

Download videos with YouTube Downloader

The premise that all the procedures for downloading videos from Youtube unrelated to the Youtube Premium service, such as the use of third-party apps, are not permitted by the conditions of use of the platform itself. Here we enter the vast and still not entirely clear topic of copyright and author’s rights on which there are various judgments of the Cassation, but it is certainly not a matter that we want to address now, therefore the decision is up to you whether or not to use the information that they follow.

To be able to download a video from youtube Android with an application just download the YouTube Downloader app , which for obvious reasons is not present on Google Play, to get the installation file just go with a browser, even directly from the smartphone on the official website of the software house and download the latest version of the file in APK format available.

How to install Youtube downloader APK for Android?

To install the Youtube Downloader APK file you just downloaded you must first have enabled “Unknown sources” from the Security settings of your Android device, in this way we have authorized the installation of third-party apps, that is, not taken from Google Play. Next, to install the app, go to the system downloads folder and run the system APK, if you are using a file manager you can install it directly by clicking on the file.

How to download with Youtube Downloader?

There are two ways to download a video from youtube with Youtube Downloader, one by viewing the content you want to download directly from the Youtube application and by touching the share button select “YouTube Downloader”. Choose a format to download mp4 for a video or mp3 for an audio file and click Download.

Youtube video download online

To download videos from YouTube for free online  there are several websites including OnlineVideoConverter  a service that allows you to download YouTube videos and other sites such as Facebook, instagram, vimeo and many others, simply by pasting the link of the page where the content to download is located. . Once the file has been converted and generated, a button will appear with a link to download it.


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