Best Method to Save Instagram Pictures
Best Method to Save Instagram Pictures


You won’t be able to copy photos from Instagram using the usual “Save As …”. The functionality of the service does not provide for such a possibility. But you can still upload your favorite picture to a PC, phone, and tablet. We share life hacks.

How to download photos from Instagram?

Instagram creators protect content, so downloading or saving photos is not easy. But there are a couple of tricks to help you do this. And everything would be fine, but only the downloaded image will play the original in quality. The system automatically compresses it according to some parameters. You can’t do anything here.

Save Methods for PC

Typically, users want to upload an avatar (face profile photo) or an image from a post. To download something from a closed profile, you will have to subscribe to it and wait for confirmation. Further, the hands, as they say, are untied, because content and media files are being opened. 

As for the stories (which are Stories), the situation is more complicated. They flicker on the screen, being in sight for only a few seconds. Disappear in a day. And they are not saved either in the history or in the main content. Therefore, it is necessary to act quickly. 

Two methods for computers (except for Apple laptops )


  1. You need to open the post you like with a photo.
  2. On the keyboard of a computer or laptop, hold down the Prtsc button (sometimes together with ALT , depending on the modification of the device). When the graphic editor opens (considering Paint), insert the image by clicking the “Insert” button on the toolbar. Or by right-clicking on a blank sheet. Or with a combination of ctrl + v. 
  3. The image appears along with the tabs, the Start menu and everything that was on the screen at the time of the screenshot. We’ll have to cut and save on your computer. 

In the same way, you can save photos from Stories. 

Web developer tools

It depends on the browser. But each of them, regardless of the operating system and type, has a menu with developer tools. With their help, you can open site codes, search for and fix errors. 

To upload photos from Instagram for Google Chrome, do the following:

  • you need to open a post with a picture and right-click on the free screen; 
  • a menu will appear in which you need to find the item ” View Code “;
  • click to expand another menu at the bottom of the screen; 
  • at the top left, look for a pictogram with a drawn mouse. By clicking on it, the user will open the code of the selected item; 
  • to highlight the combination, you need to move the cursor over the photo and press the left mouse button. The code will always start with ” img src “; 
  • Click on it with the right button → in the menu that appears, find and click the item ” Open in new tab “; 
  • the photo opens in a new tab. Click “Save As”.

Via browser

Downloading is simple, although at first glance it may seem “oh-yo-yoy” because of the many combinations that appear on the screen. But once you figure it out, you can quickly memorize their sequence. 

The steps are as follows:

  • you need to open the picture in a new window on your computer ;
  • click on the image with the right mouse button;
  • when the “code view” opens, left-click on the html-code; 
  • then hold down Ctrl + F to call the search bar; 
  • type “jpg” → the first result will be copied (there will be about 15-20 pieces in total) and pasted into the address line; 
  • save the picture to your desktop or to any folder on your computer. 

Via Telegram

Telegram users can upload illustrations from Instagram via a chatbot. 

The process is simple and straightforward. 

  1. In the messenger, you need to copy the link to the post on any device. 
  2. Send a snapshot to Telegram. 
  3. Extract the photo and save it in the device’s memory (click on the photo itself, then “save as”). 
  4. Copy it to your computer or other device. 

Multiple pictures can be saved in the same way. For this, it is better to download Telegram to your computer. After all, only the first photo is saved in the mobile version. Several images are downloaded via the @Instatube_bot bot. It retrieves all images. The bot is added to the messenger and a link to the post is sent to it.

How to download several photos from Instagram – we use third-party services

There are many apps for downloading photos from Instagram. You can download one at a time or several at once.

ApplicationsFeatures of the
DownloadGramFree web service for single image saving. Works on all devices without additional programs.  The link to the image is copied and pasted into the search box on the DownloadGram website.  Clamped Download and Download Image. The service loads the picture automatically by opening it in a new tab.  Saved through the context menu or “Save As”. 
4K StogramFree and paid version. In the first case, only two profiles are linked at the same time. For this, no passwords are entered, only signatures. Profiles can be your own and someone else’s. In the second, the license removes the restrictions on the number of accounts. You can upload photos from stories.  To download pictures from a profile, you need to copy the link to it and paste it into a special menu on the main page of 4K Stogram.  Press Enter and wait until the images are loaded. They are displayed in the program.  Photos can be flipped, downloaded to a device or opened in a folder.
Fast saveFor group download of images. Downloadable from Google Play. To use it, you first need to log in through your Instagram account, enter your username and password.  The Fast Save search opens.  With its help, they find and open the desired profile.  Select the photos with a long press and click the download button.  The files are saved in the gadgets gallery.

The above programs are only suitable for Windows and Android. There are no batch photo upload apps in the App Store. Therefore, images should be downloaded on an iOS device alone or through programs that are in American (European) stores. But, if you have to use the second method, you must first register a US Apple ID.

The foreign store has an InstaSaver program. She is one of the really working boot loaders. 

  1. To upload several pictures, a personal Instagram account is connected. 
  2. Next, look for the profile from which you want to download pictures. This is done through an internal search. 
  3. When the page with photos is loaded, an arrow button appears at the top in the right corner. After clicking on it, a pop-up menu appears with the button ” Batch Save “. With its help, you can select the desired photos and start uploading them. 

Save Instagram Photos on Android

For gadgets running on Android OS, there are several ways to download photos from Instagram.

Application download

Downloaded from Google Play. In this way, not only single images are saved, but also collections. They are sorted, formatted, changed, and irrelevant ones are deleted. 

  • To save a photo, open it and click on the icon on the display. 
  • To view the pictures, you will have to go to the main profile page. 
  • Usually, a checkbox appears at the top allowing you to scroll through the saved images. 
  • You can upload a photo along with the post. The disadvantage is that you won’t be able to use the picture even after saving it to the gallery on your phone. After the post is deleted by the author, it disappears from the collection. 

Display snapshot

A method that works on the same principle as a screenshot on a computer. That is, it is suitable for photos and stories. How to take a screenshot can be found in the instructions for the phone or in the description of the model on the network. 

  • After holding down the key combination, the picture is saved in the gallery. 
  • Among the disadvantages are the need for cropping the photo and its small size. When scaling, it will be of poor quality, because it loses clarity.

In the table there are programs that allow you to download photos from Instagram to Android. 

FastSave for InstagramFree program for downloading photos and videos
QuickSave for Instagram (DStudio)With its help the photo is saved to the phone. To do this, the URL (link) of the post is copied and pasted into the application.
Insta DownloadYou can download photos without registering on a social network. The post address is copied to the Insta Download search bar. The picture is saved in the service. To save on your phone, look for a picture in the program and download
Save & Repost for InstagramIt downloads a lot of pictures in one click. There are paid and free versions. The licensed program allows you to upload files to cloud storage, and not to a specific gadget 

This is not a complete list of smart software for OS Android. Developers are constantly adding something new, so you need to keep track of new items. 

Save Instagram photos to iPhone or iPad

Saving photos on iPhone, iPod, iPad and any other Apple device is problematic. As soon as decent programs appear in the store, they immediately disappear for reasons of copyright infringement. But still there are two applications that allow you to download images. 

  • Rapid Save Reposter for Instagram: with this application absolutely any photos from Instagram can be downloaded. They are downloaded to the phone, and the software allows you to make reposts. The application is very easy to use:
  1. A button is clamped on top of a photo or video on Instagram.
  2. From the pop-up menu, select “Copy”.
  3. The application opens and “Insert” is pressed in the input field 
  4. The “View Content” opens and the desired option is selected, for example, “Save”.
  • InstaSaver for Instagram: With its help, photos and videos are saved with a few clicks. The algorithm of use is exactly the same as that of the previous program, except that this software has a Russian-language menu, but Rapid Save Reposter for Instagram does not. 

We have described popular programs that allow you to download photos from Instagram. They are suitable for computers, tablets and smartphones on any operating system. 

Try it. If it helps, advise your friends and write reviews in the comments. They will be useful to our readers.


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