How to do cell phone tax calculation in Pakistan?

Are you unfamiliar with mobile phone tax calculation in Pakistan? Read our best guide for mobile tax calculation. It describes how much tax you will pay on imported smartphones

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How to do cell phone tax calculation in Pakistan?

Calculate how much tax I will pay on mobile phones?

Earlier this year the government decided to impose regulatory duties on mobile phone in six different slabs. It cut down the tax on cheaper phones while focused high on expensive smartphones. According to the latest tax updates on mobile phones; phones with cost of $30 will be charged 150 Pakistan rupees in duty whereas it was being charged 250 earlier. Simultaneously, the mobile tax on an expensive phone worth $500 will be imposed Rs 18,500 as import duty.

The above-mentioned change in imported mobile tax regulations was sorted out in Finance Sup­plementary Bill.

So, how to do cell phone tax calculation if you are importing phones to Pakistan? How much tax you will be paying on mobile phones?

Mobile Tax calculation formula

Following mobile tax calculation formula will be applied on any phone you are importing to Pakistan:

  • Custom duty is fixed-Rs 250
  • Regulatory duty-
  • If a phone has a worth between $1 to $60, Pkr 150 will be charged
  • $61-$130- 10% of total mobile value
  • Higher than $130- 20% of total mobile value
  • Sales tax is 1,500. It is fixed (3% additional sales tax will be applied too equal to mobile total value)
  • IT Duty- 9% of total mobile value
  • Mobile Levy (applied on new phones in Pakistan)
  • Pkr 1000 on mobiles worth 10,000 to 40,000
  • Pkr 3000 on mobiles worth 40,000 to 80,000
  • Pkr 5,000 on mobiles worth more than 80,000
  • Provincial tax-9% of total mobile value

By following all these steps you can easily calculate mobile phone tax.

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