How to create apple id in minutes-make new apple id in 2020

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How to create apple id in minutes? -make new apple id in 2020

How can I create an Apple ID? And what exactly is an Apple ID? You can find out here.


  1. What is an Apple ID?
  2. Create a new Apple ID
  3. What data do I need to create a new Apple ID?
  4. Do I have to specify a payment method in the Apple account?
  5. Forgot Apple ID? No problem
  6. Clear Apple ID? Attention!
  7. Conclusion: Create Apple ID quickly and easily

Do you have an iPhone or another Apple device? Then you will certainly want to use Apple’s popular services. For iTunes, App Store, FaceTime, iCloud , iMessage and Co., you first need to create an Apple account. You do this by creating an Apple ID and setting a password. Here’s how to do it.

What is an Apple ID?

Apple ID is an authentication method that Apple uses for iPhone, iPad, Mac, and other Apple devices. Your Apple ID contains personal information and settings. It is your key to the Apple world. No matter how many Apple devices you have, you only need an Apple ID to conveniently access all Apple programs.

The Apple ID is comparable to a Microsoft account for Windows users. You use the ID when logging in instead of a user name and you need your Apple ID to synchronize all devices with each other. You can also create a new Apple ID or delete your old one.

Since iOS 13 (and watchOS 6), you can also use the new ” Sign in with Apple ” function . In principle, this works in exactly the same way as the registration services provided by Google (“Continue with Google”) and Facebook (“Continue with Facebook”). So you have another option with which you can quickly and easily authenticate yourself in various places on the net.

Create a new Apple ID

In fact, you can hardly avoid creating an Apple ID if you use the appropriate devices and offers. Every time you set up an Apple device, you can choose to log in with an existing ID or alternatively create a new Apple ID. You can also skip this step and set up your ID later. There are different ways :

For example, visit the App Store, check out iTunes, iBooks or iCloud. Everywhere you can create your Apple ID directly. Of course, this can also be done at any time on the Apple ID website .

You can use an Apple ID on several Apple devices : for example on your iPhone and Mac. If you buy a new iPhone, you can also use the Apple ID of the old iPhone for the new one. This way, data such as contacts, emails or photos stored in iCloud can be easily dragged onto your new smartphone.

 What data do I need to create a new Apple ID?

Depending on where you set up the Apple ID, the process may be slightly different. You provide your name, date of birth and the country in which you want to use the device. You should provide true information, because if you contact Apple Support, you may have to identify yourself with this data.

Enter an email address that you want to use for the Apple ID. You can either use your existing email address or create a new email address with an Apple extension – for example @ or @

You must comply with the Apple guidelines for the password of your Apple account (as of April 2019). It must:

  • be at least eight characters long
  • Uppercase and lowercase letters included
  • contain at least one number

Apple also recommends using special characters and punctuation marks to make the password for your Apple account even more secure. Apart from the above requirements, you can design your password as you wish. When choosing a password, Apple shows you directly how secure the password you have chosen is. Finally, enter the password for your Apple account again to confirm it.

To further increase security, Apple asks you to choose three security questions . You choose a total of three from the given questions and enter the appropriate answer. Pay attention to the correct spelling, including capitalization! You need the security questions, among other things, if you want to reset your password.

Finally, you have to agree to the terms of use . You will then receive an email from Apple with a confirmation code. You enter this in your Apple account to activate it.

Do I have to specify a payment method in the Apple account?

If you shop in one of the stores and want to set up your Apple ID there, you will be asked for your preferred payment method – sometimes even if you only want to download a free app.

If desired, choose a payment method and enter your address and phone number. Sometimes, however, the option “None”, in order not to have to specify a payment method, is not displayed. For example, if you have outstanding payments or you want to take out an automatically renewing subscription.

You must also specify the payment method when you visit one of the stores for the first time. In this case, you can remove the payment details afterwards. To do this, change the payment method to “None” after setting up the ID in your Apple account.

Forgot Apple ID? No problem

You don’t remember if you already have an Apple ID? You can easily check that . Go to the Apple ID website , click “Forgot Apple ID or password?” And follow the on-screen instructions.

If you use Apple devices regularly, you may have previously logged in with your ID. On the iPhone or iPad (iOS 12) you can find out by selecting your name in “Settings” and then clicking on the “Name, phone number, email” menu item. On Mac, you can check your iCloud account under “System Preferences” – or open your account on iTunes, iBooks and the App Store.

You can also change the personal data that you specified when you created the Apple ID in the corresponding menus . This can also be done in the account area of ​​iTunes, the App Store and Co. as well as on the Apple ID website. Easily change your payment details or add more email addresses.

Alternatively, if you encounter a problem, this page will help you find your Apple ID . Simply enter your details and you will be guided through the process.

Clear Apple ID? Attention!

If you want to delete your Apple ID, you should be aware of the following: The deletion is final . The account cannot then be reactivated. You only have a short time window to change your mind. Apple will send you a code of numbers and letters for this purpose. Keep it safe.

If you choose to delete, you will lose all data associated with your Apple ID and associated iCloud. This also includes music, e-books and Co. that you bought with your Apple ID. Therefore, back up all data that you want to keep – for example photos and videos – outside of iCloud. You can also no longer use FaceTime and iMessage without your Apple ID. All messages that you have sent or received will be deleted.

Once the decision to delete has been made, it is best to log out of all connected devices and services. Then you register on the Apple ID page and click on “Data and data protection” at the bottom of your account, then on “Manage data and data protection”. You may have to register again on the following page. Then choose the option “Delete your account”.

Before the deletion process begins, Apple first checks whether you really own the account. If necessary, you can create a new Apple ID at any time. You now know how easy it is.

Conclusion: Create Apple ID quickly and easily

  • An Apple ID can be created in various ways – for example, when you set up a new Apple device or when you visit the App Store.
  • In some cases you have to specify your preferred payment method, but you can often remove the payment details afterwards.
  • You can find out if you already have an Apple ID from the Apple ID website.
  • Before you delete your Apple ID, you should make sure you back up any data you want to keep.


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