We will tell and show you how to connect a drone to your phone correctly. Read more about connection types, secure mount and the best programs for iPhone and Android below.

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To connect aircraft to a mobile phone, you need to do four steps.

  1. Download the application for the required drone model (as a rule, it is described in the instructions for the drone).
  2. Launch a quadric and activate Wi-fi on it.
  3. Turn on Wi-Fi on your mobile / tablet and connect it to the drone’s “network”. To do this, you need to connect to the network, which will be referred to as the model of the connected drone. For example “DJI Mavic” or “Xiaomi FIMI”.
  4. Go to the application on the phone and use the step-by-step actions indicated in it to control the flying device.

If the instructions for the copter do not contain the required application, you should use one of the 10 universal for iPhone and Android:

  • FreeFlight Pro – works with BEBOP and SCYCONTROLLER devices;
  • DroneDeploy – add-on for DJI models with extended flight plan and autopilot settings;
  • SYMA FPV – for working with SYMA drones;
  • Litchi – the application controls DJI Mavic / Phantom / Inspire / Spark drones ;
  • UgCS is another app for DJI;
  • Pix4D is a universal script that allows you to pre-register flight paths over the terrain;
  • DroneDeploy – DJI drone software;
  • Propeller Aero – application for detailed study of the area;
  • Raptor Maps is a universal application that will work with many drones;
  • Wi-Fi UFO – allows you to control the drone from your mobile. The main thing is not to send it too far, otherwise the Wi-Fi connection will be lost.

WiFi connection

There are three options for how to connect the quadcopter to the phone:

  • connect to a device via Wi-Fi;
  • connection to the remote control via Wi-Fi;
  • connection via cable to the console.

If it is possible to connect to the remote control, this is the easiest option. It is advisable to use it. The remote has a more powerful receiver with a range of up to 3 km (like the DJI Mavic Mini ). If you connect Wi-Fi to the drone via a mobile phone, the device can move away a maximum of 30-50 meters. You understand that the difference is obvious.

For those who are interested in how the Wi-Fi connection works: both devices are combined into a common local network, where the phone transmits data to control the drone, and the quadcopter receives and instantly responds to them. In turn, on the mobile you can see what the device’s camera is filming. 

Such a control system is suitable for those who are just learning to control a quadcopter (often cheap models do not have a remote control). And for those looking to improve the filming experience.

Advanced mobile apps for quadcopters will tell you about the weather, wind strength, allowed and prohibited areas for shooting, etc. 

The further the drone flies, the greater the delay between the command and the movement of the flying device. For example, having flown 50 meters, the budget model will show the image with a delay of 2-3 seconds. These numbers are especially acute in the urban environment.

Controlling the drone using a remote control or smartphone of your choice

Once the drone is connected to the phone, you can safely start the exciting part of working with the drone – in-flight control. 

There are three options for working with the device via a mobile phone.

1. Using virtual buttons inside the
Mobilka program interface acts as a replacement for the joystick.
2. Setting flight modes and fine adjusting the camera The
phone pre-programs the autopilot “flight”, where you can work out frequently used or difficult flights.
3. Everything that the camera “sees” is broadcast on the smartphone display . The
user receives the same image of the flight control button from the side. It turns out such a flight simulator in reality mode called First Person View.

Overall, the controls are simple. Mobile gamers will feel at ease at all. Driving a drone is the same as flying an airplane in a flight simulator. If the user is not particularly into mobile games, he will master the copter control skill in 10-15 minutes with the help of clear prompts indicated in the quadcopter control application. 

Four tips for beginners.

  1. Don’t rush to immediately charge into the sky. The first few flights are best done at an altitude of 2-3 meters.
  2. The first times it is better to launch the drone away from high-rise buildings and trees so that the device does not accidentally crash into them.
  3. If the application offers to enable vibration feedback, you should use it. Feel the ripple control.
  4. For in-flight shooting, set the minimum image quality on the preview. FullHD video is saved on a microSD flash drive, but the “pixel” preview will reduce the image lag. 

Frequent difficulties and their solutions: table

In most cases, connecting the quadcopter to the controls goes smoothly. However, sometimes problems arise that can and should be addressed urgently. 

The main troubles and their solutions are summarized in the table:

The program has stopped workingTurn it off and then turn it on in your phone. Close the application, log out, and then log back in. 
If it doesn’t help, do the same manipulations with the devices. Try turning off and then turning on wi-fi on both devices.
If this does not help, uninstall and reinstall the application.
Incorrect work of the program and friezes (fading) in controlYou need to clean your phone: remove trash, get rid of cookies and free up space in the memory of the smartphone itself. 
You should also check the version of the firmware and drivers for relevance. This can be done in the phone settings (for a mobile phone) and in the settings inside the application (for a copter)
The drone does not connect to the mobile phoneYou need to check the Wi-Fi module. If the problem is in it, you should turn off / turn on the phone. 
If it doesn’t help, you should reset the mobile phone to factory settings and load fresh drivers. 
If this does not help, we recommend contacting the service center of both the aircraft and the phone.
Quadcopter malfunctionsBefore each flight, inspect the hull: you need to check the integrity of the skin, the absence of contaminants, dust, stuck branches on the fuselage and other debris. 
Simple problems like branches or dirt – solve it yourself. If the trouble is serious, contact the service center. Experts will help you solve even the most serious problem

Selfidron – what is it and how to manage it?

This is a type of quadcopter that is exclusively focused on working with a mobile phone. It is not uncommon for such models to lack a remote control. Therefore, the cost of the device is 2-3 times cheaper than the usual quadrocopter.

The purpose of such a gadget is the ability to take a selfie from a height of several meters. When using a selfie stick, only the top of the body is often captured in the frame and very little beauty in the background. The selfie drone solves this problem. It allows you to shoot even the largest company in full growth and so that everyone fits into the frame. Moreover, with it you can easily shoot the surrounding beauty. The device rises several meters up and flies 40-50 meters into the distance.

To better understand the features of the device, see its pros and cons in the table:

Small size – fits in a purse and flies through the windowThe mini size gives poor wind resistance. You won’t be able to take pictures in bad weather
Great camera – many selfie drones shoot in 4KStabilization “limps”. On some models, the 4K picture will shake like jelly.
Interesting design stands out from standard devices 
Small battery charges quickly

It should be borne in mind that in most cases selffidrons are controlled only from a mobile phone. So those who are used to a physical joystick will find it difficult to readjust.
Summing up the above, everyone can control a quadrocopter from a smartphone! The main thing is to give yourself a little time to get used to the new style of control. 


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